The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Are you hearing this jaws music?


I am now damn you! :joy:


Aww shit! D’s getting crazy again! Man, you are worse than every lesbian I’ve ever met. Including myself. That’s saying something brother.


This one is a little outside of my control lol. Honestly it’s not something I should even be worrying about bc there’s nothing I can do about the situation. If she moves up here for me that’s her own problem.


I was referring to the fifth date Uhaul situation. You know, what does a lesbian bring to the second date…? In real life it’s the 7th or 8th date. Just so everyone is clear on that one.


I did think about the uhaul thing too…


Naw, she’s got an Xterra so we can haul everything in that :joy:. I’m paid through the end of the month in my place. I still have my stuff there (well whatever my roommate hasn’t stolen…) But it’s not good for me to stay there.


I thought your roommate was getting evicted?


Wait even you can’t keep up?



He conned his way back in. And then tried to rent out the room I already paid for. Luckily the person talked to me first.


Annnnnd. Right on cue I got a text from Kay. I need to keep my damn mouth shut



Seizure warning…



I need a guard llama.


Just saying:


My. God. I. Love. You.


I pray you find what is the best thing to do. Real love can break certain rules


Yeah! I am agree three is a magic number :herb:


Lol. We are way past the point of prayers in this thread but I appreciate the sentiment. I like to feel my boring ass life is actually interesting.