The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


What if Kay and Shay become bff’s and setup a play date with the kids.


If they hook up its gonna be more then a play date…


She said she misses me. Shay and Kay have definitely met. They got along fine, but I doubt it would still be like that


It should be noted that I did not text back


Thats rude. Be a gentleman


Umm no. Buttnugget


Send her your and shays pic back… Merry early christmas


Agreed. If an ex texted me, I might not respond either.


I’m friends with a few exes. We rarely text though. Unless it’s us and our spouses.


So I have an update tomorrow that is going to be something else.


You’re going to leave us hanging like that?!


Such a tease…


Something else… You married the new girl at the JP today, found out Kay and the new girl are knocked up, and suddenly decided you are going to go gay with one of your babymama’s exes kind of something else?


A drug lord has come hunting for your head and you now have to put Shay and the child in Witness Protection.


Good one! Omg, one of the dealers he dicked over wants his financial amends to extend to shitty old drug deals.


My easy guess…shayss prego!


I have already put my money down on gay midget. :wink:


But according to your version of the story he has not yet met the gay midget. That wont happen for another 3.5 months.


oh yeah…the one he’ll marry is a different one :wink:


But first he will have to divorce a stranger he married in a black out and has not seen in 4 years. He is not aware of the marriage until the marriage license.