The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


All very good guesses, but sadly off the mark


Some of you probably remember me talking about my ex, and the relationship from hell. Well things were going well on that front bc we haven’t spoken in almost a year. I don’t have any ill-will towards her. I hope that her life is going well. But that break up was really hard on me, as was the relationship. I was also using and the cause of the problems.

Well last night she decides to text me out of the blue. I didn’t even have her number anymore. She wanted to know that she forgives me and hopes that I’m doing well. It was actually a really nice text. But it is almost a year to the day from the last text she sent. I’m not sure if there’s some significance with this week or what.

I have not texted her back. But I am going to talk to my sponsor about it.

Also, I told Shay about it bc I don’t want to hide things. She took it pretty well, but isn’t thrilled either. My ex is also very attractive and Shay definitely doesn’t like that. Even though I’m much happier now.


Now will the test of lust and the past get the best of derek…See you next week on The World Derek Turns…


Absolutely not. I have zero feelings for my ex.


Pretty gurls seem to be the craziest. She may end up in your door step or by the grace of god comes to an aa meeting. You can help make aa great again with some of that derek bacon


Hey friend…I have a complaint…You were promising some cool new twist that would make things interesting at the real housewives of Derekland…I was expecting something more interesting…you’re getting lame…make up stuff…we’re growing old of this…you gotta take it up a notch :wink:


No doubt she’s pretty far up the crazy/hot scale. She doesn’t know where I live and definitely won’t go to AA so I’m safe


There wasnt a single midget drug lord in that story! I want my money back!


Here you go you jackals



I’m the second story in the video. It’s about 30 minutes long.


Awesome, bro!


Lol, “has his own home.” As he is moving in with his most recent gf after being robbed and scammed by his most recent roommate.

For real though, wonderful job. I needed a small healing community too. AA didn’t work for me till I got to a small town with the same 20 or so ppl. That and a perfect eclipse of some other big things happening about the same time. Small, close community is so helpful.


Lol! I saw that and laughed too.


Wow! Simply amazing Derek! Thank God you’re here with us today :hugs: Thank God we’re all here :heart::pray:t2:

…and I have to say, you look a little like a beard-free David Duchovny :smile:


Lol, maybe we should rename the thread after some funny Red Shoe Diary reference.


Red Derek Diaries :high_heel:


I liked Rain’s name. The Real Housewives of Derekland.


From dating to marriage was 6 weeks for us. And I have zero doubts that he is the perfect match for me and live of my life. But then I let God do it and also have known him for 10 yrs…


Wow, Derek. Nicely done. Way to share your experience, strength and hope. Nicely done. I’m thankful you are still here to tell the tale.