The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


It’s good for me bc I was starting to sink back into that lazy ass bachelor mode where I was generally getting home and not doing much other than my AA stuff. Now I’m getting up earlier and being more productive during the day. I’ve also lost weight bc we cook at home


Drama llama has been feeling underused lately so why not invite him back into the fold.

I was just talking to a good friend of mine in NA, who is also really good friends with Kay. Apparently she is doing everything in her power (which thankfully isn’t much) to move back to Syracuse…


Is she doing that to be closer to family? Or you? Or what?


I hope family. I really do. Whatever we had is gone and not coming back. But I’m not sure if she knows about Shay yet.


Anyone else hearing the Jaws music in their heads??? :joy:


On repeat since I found out the news. Bad for me. Great for this thread.


Tee hee. This could be Derek watching at its finest.


Not to sound like a dick but she really doesn’t have the resources to pull off a move, financially or emotionally so I will probably be safe.


Well, I actually don’t think you’re an idiot. It IS a terrible IDEA!


It was a terrible idea, and the jury is still out on the idiot verdict.


Why stop sounding like a dick now? :kissing_heart:


how do I link a you tube video? I have something to add to this thread


Go to share on the YouTube app and Copy Link. Paste it on here. There you go.


Are you hearing this jaws music?


I am now damn you! :joy:


Aww shit! D’s getting crazy again! Man, you are worse than every lesbian I’ve ever met. Including myself. That’s saying something brother.


This one is a little outside of my control lol. Honestly it’s not something I should even be worrying about bc there’s nothing I can do about the situation. If she moves up here for me that’s her own problem.


I was referring to the fifth date Uhaul situation. You know, what does a lesbian bring to the second date…? In real life it’s the 7th or 8th date. Just so everyone is clear on that one.


I did think about the uhaul thing too…


Naw, she’s got an Xterra so we can haul everything in that :joy:. I’m paid through the end of the month in my place. I still have my stuff there (well whatever my roommate hasn’t stolen…) But it’s not good for me to stay there.