The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Shay is pretty convinced it’s a boy


Boys are pretty awesome. And she’s got a 50% chance of being right, so…


I’m not going to lie. The prospect of not being together and raising this kid scares me. Try as I might, I can’t help but still love Shay. Of course I’ve done a lot of stuff to make this situation worse, but it still sucks


Hearts can heal. Shes the mother of your child. That is absolutely something to love her for. Want to heal her heart and forgive her at the same time? Serve her. Dont just be a father to her child, be a support to her. Not a 50/50 relationship. Give your whole to her. A successful relationship is 100/100. She may not be on board with that, but you can be. And you can be for the rest of your life, with a happy reassurance that what you did was the right thing.


I wanted our second one to be a surprise, i was really happy my husband agreed.

Also, that baby decided to be born fairly quickly and an epidural wasn’t possible. Felt like I was going back in time with that pregnancy lol also that I was getting broken in half during labor.


I looked this up recently with my friend, she just had her first who was a boy… I believe I recall the first baby Derek’s baby momma (no offense intended, wasn’t sure how else to word it) had was a girl:


Baby momma is fairly accurate. And yes her first was a girl. I got to see her last night which was amazing. I still want to adopt her, but for now that’s put on hold. We are still going to raise both kids as a unit so I’m happy about that


I wouldn’t doubt her at all either. I thought I was having a second boy and he’s a boy.

That’s great, those kids are lucky to have you two.


Same here with number 2, Lea. He was born 28 minutes after we walked in the door to the hospital. The doctor didn’t even get there, and I was still wearing my dress.


Omg that’s crazy Holly!! I was able to change fortunately, but it was about 45min after I got in the room.

So what was it like for you? You can DM me if it’s too personal lol


If my pre-med statistics class taught me anything, it’s that statistics are good for gaging large populations, but not the individual.

Jack was born with like 3 pushes over 30 seconds. It wasnt me pushing, but Rachel agreed that it wasnt that hard.


It was like my body was being pulled apart by a vise. I thought something must be terribly wrong. It didn’t seem that anyone could live through pain like that.


My second came super quick- no time for epidural either. I thought I was going to die; how can a human body even experience that much pain without blacking out? Thank God I was induced with Jack so I could get the epidural whenever I wanted. Medical advances for the win!!


I remember wishing death upon me the pain was so intense. That’s when my pain scale changed/felt a “10” for the very first time.


I must be a rare breed, 19 hrs on my first who decided to go back to back during labour, full on contractions had an epidural which didn’t work and only four hours on my second, water birth and aromatherapy oils, nothing traumatic and no c-sections


Mine was pretty easy on me too. One of the many reasons I never had more lol.


The only reason I did not have any more was my youngest was a very poorly baby, constantly in and out of hospital and breathing difficulties. He’s absolutely fine as he’s grown up


I’m putting my memes here now.


Let me join your pintrest thread…


Baby Ella just had a really bad nightmare and I’m home alone with her tonight. I know what to do and everything, but I feel bad for my little girl. I texted Shay to let her know and I’m doing what we agreed to do, but I really just want to run in there and lay in room until she goes back to sleep.

It also doesn’t hurt that my neighbors are shithoused and making a ton of fuckin noise