The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


It’s rough on the feels… I know how it felt with me and the baby sibs through the years, I can only imagine what it’s like as an actual parent.


Funny part is she’s not technically my kid, and me and her mom aren’t technically together anymore. In fact we didn’t talk for like two weeks, but we are in a better spot the last couple days. We have like this weird open relationship thing going on right now. We’ve become intimate again, but tonight is her night to stay with her ex-gf, or current, hell I don’t know lol. Her ex and I don’t get along at all, but we are all going to try and clear the air tomorrow. And hopefully be a big, happy, albiet fucked up, family.


Pffft you’re being a dad to her, who cares about technicalities. The connection is real.

That is quite the interesting situation. Glad things are looking up, it sounded like things were pretty stressful. My crazy messy beautiful family put us all through a lot, but making it through the transition was so worth it.


Derek - don’t fight the instinct to go lay in her room. You probably both need that comfort these days.


We ended up walking laps inside the apartment for like 30 mins. She went right down after that


I know those laps well.:hugs:


So familiar…


She never sits still!


Sweetest elf ever…


The beard is strong today!


So I reached out to Shays ex today to try and clear the air. I have accepted that for the time being the ex is going to be a part of her life. Shay wants us all to be able to get along because in the end the baby is coming and if the ex is going to be around then we do need to get along. I told her that we both love Shay and that Shay loves us both and we need to be able to communicate if we want whatever this arrangement is to work. She responded by saying “okay”. We are all going to sit down as a group soon and talk things through, which I feel like is a good idea. I promised Shay I will be support her no matter what. If her ex can’t handle that, then that is something they are going to have to work out.


Ummm…is this the one whose boots you burned?


Hahahahha I forgot all about that, but yes.


MoCatt forgets nothing.:wink:


Offering a DSW gift card may be a good place to start…

That’s solid, Derek. Good on ya.


Yeah, not going that far. But it is important to keep the peace.


So the ex and I (she will get a name eventually) have actually had a pretty productive conversation. I still really would prefer that she just not be around at all, but that’s not the reality I am facing. So in the mean time I think things are going pretty well and that’s good.


Hopefully things will get better and who knows what the future holds, can we have a vote on a fictional name for the ex :joy:


All names are fictional unless stated otherwise. She hasn’t earned a name yet though.


Ha. I’ve been trying to catch up on this thread. #daunting