The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


I made it to you getting catfished. Oh, and up to the boot burning


Buddy, you might just want to save the time and quite now. Half this shit sounds made up anyway. But all-in-all life is good. I mean it’s like super fucked up, weird and crazy, but it’s good. Families look different these days and mine is no different. Hell, maybe I can talk everyone into a threesome now that we are all friends again. Her ex is actually pretty cute, even though I don’t dig her short hair. But when we used to run together she had long hair and I was definitely attracted to her. She was also very good at stealing and I had a fast car so we made a hell of a team.


Yes. Get everything settled down and celebrate with a threesome. Great idea…

You know how they say our first thought is usually wrong?? Hehe


It passed the time reading through your diary. I’m home with the kids today and Roland was playing with his Nintendo and Ryder was taking a nap. I needed something to do


At this point you couldn’t get this situation any more fucked up so why not lol


Man, I would have been playing that Nintendo instead…


It now feels like a big deal when I just have a good ole fashion normal ass day. And today I am having a good ole fashion normal ass day. I kinda just want to go to bed now so that it stays that way.


Depends on whether you want more normal ass day hours or normal ass day days I suppose :wink:


I get neither. Shay is speaking tonight at an AA thing so I will have some alone time once I put Ella down. I went back and read parts of this thread from August. I started this thread in April maybe? The only time when things were relatively calm was when Shay and I were still dating and before the pregnancy. Other than that it’s been pretty non-stop with oddness.


You should just post these 4 words every day on the check in thread.


And it’s the name of my new band


My band name “Provide me with normalcy”


Normal is boring anyway lol


I crave boring. So much. I mean don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy my life and all it’s twists and turns, but it’s tiring sometimes. Having a pregnant, live-in, kinda partner, with all her pregnancy hormones is just an added challenge. It’s a good thing I love her lol.


Goddamnit. I should have just went to bed.

Any guesses on what fuckery befalls me tonight?

@Ifs this is your fault!


Be fuck us then…


You’re welcome :wink:

Next on my list: figure out what exactly I did

(so I can do it again…) NO! BAD James. Be nice.

If this isn’t about the 100 “normal day celebration” pizzas I ordered on your behalf, I apologize in advance…


I’m meeting with the ex to have coffee on Sunday. Apparently she’s not doing great with this whole situation. Could be an interesting sit down


Hmmm sounds ominous. Could be an opportunity to chill feelings on both sides though, come to some agreements going forward? I don’t know her but I’m operating on the assumption she wants to find a peaceful way forward (hence the direct coffee approach) instead of stirring up passive aggressive drama to get her way, so that’s promising if true


At any rate there’ll be a clearer picture of what she considers to be the issue