The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Oh, I’m the issue. Make no mistake about it. But if she wants to be in Shay’s life she’s going to have to learn to deal with it bc Shay and I are having a child. And she needs to respect the fact that I’m the parent and she’s not


Have you read this whole thread?


Despite how far I read back in most megathreads I venture into, I have to say I haven’t.


So the ex and I have a history. Even before Shay met her. We used to run together. Stealing from home Depot and shit. The friendship did not end well then. Then she did some real shitty things that ended her and Shay’s relationship the first time. Shay and I then trashed all her clothes, TV and boots (the infamous boot burning) and dumped them in her parents yard.

So when I found out Shay was talking to her again I was apoplectic. I have since gotten over my ego and pride so I’m actually ok with things now, but the ex isn’t apparently.


Ah. That history certainly does complicate things.

Has enough time and emotion passed on her part that you can expect listening and reason from her at the coffee? Sounds like it has futility potential if she’s carrying that much baggage around still.


All I can control is me, and I’m good with everything today. So she better learn to be or Shay will ghost her. Which I don’t want bc I know Shay cares for her.


Omg imagine if you did have to control more than just you in that situation – what a relief that’s not the case. Well, good luck to all. Whatever happens will happen and all will find a way to deal with it.


Your the only dick in the way of her fairy tale life . Of course your not liked in this situation.


Is the ex clean now and… well employed and/or not living the old lifestyle?


I guess that’s a dumb question :grimacing:


She’s clean. Still lives at home and is still on parole.


Well the ex went and fucked everything up and now I have to deal with it. Jesus.


Yep, you should’ve gone to bed.


Did I not call this earlier. Seriously. WTF.


Well, you know Derek…If you don’t take your own damn advice, stupid shit will happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


4 pm is a little early for bed, I was still at work. Hell this all went South as I was laying on the couch minding my damn business


Yes, going to bed at work is probably a bad call.


Especially bc I’m asking for a raise next week


Sorry, it’s not in the budget. But we do have this red stapler we can give you.


Don’t you give him my red stapler