The right sponsor

I’ve been diligent about asking around for sponsors. The first one talked with me and said she didn’t think the program would work for me since I am still battling an eating disorder (wrote a post on that a couple weeks ago). The second prospect was supposed to meet with me today and cancelled at the last minute due to a bad headache. She can’t meet tomorrow and said Tuesday probably wouldn’t work either. We are slated to meet on Thursday. Has anyone else had trouble finding the right sponsor for whatever reason? I’m a bit discouraged.

I’ve switched sponsors lots of times. That might just be something looking out for you. We meet the right people when we are ready:) stay positive and know that the right person will come along and you will know. Also, these are just regular people like you and me and have busy schedules, sometimes it’s nothing more than that. I bet the step work will help with you ED though too, so that’s an amazing thing. You can really apply the steps to anything you’d like to change in your life! Sending love! :heart:


Thanks dude! I actually thought that the fact she seems busy is probably a good thing! I’ve been working on my first step with the help of a great book called “A Gentle Path Through the 12 Steps” and it’s been very helpful (highly recommend). I am okay to be patient to find the right person. Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

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:slight_smile: very nice! I will check the book out, thanks so much letting me know about it.

I remember your post about that. Don’t feel bad about this second prospect canceling, my sponsor cancels on me every now and then and it annoys me. Shit just happens sometimes. Even if this one doesn’t work out, the next one might be a better fit so don’t lose hope!

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