The show "Mom"

Does anyone here watch the show “Mom”? It stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris as a mother and daughter addict-duo living together in recovery. In the show, they show some life like scenarios and even portray them participating in meetings. Now, while the show is mostly humor, they do any excellent job of showing some of the more realistic aspects of recovery, such as struggle, relapse, and life in general.
I’d recommend it to anyone needing a good show to watch. It may have a few triggers though, so be aware, but for the most part it’s just a great show. :blush:


Yeah it’s been discussed a few times. I’m a fan of the show. Its funny, yet totally relatable as real. They did some real research on meetings and all that.


I watched a few episodes years ago and just started watching it again. I really enjoy it. I’m on an episode where one of the characters is feeling like they can drink in moderation and don’t need to be sober anymore. I paused it mid episode, but I think I know how it’s going to end.


True story: This past holiday season I had an amends ready for my mom and was kind of dancing around it. Then she had this on, first time I’d ever seen it. The lady is at her “support group” where something goes wrong and some amends are made.


So as the commercial break hits I take a deep breath. “Mom, can we talk…?”


OMG! I absolutely love that show!

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I’ve seen every episode and love it. I was just telling my fiance how I’d like to be in a group with ladies like that. Haha.

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I love this show as well. Wish I had Marjorie in my life that’s for sure!!


Yep, I watch it when I can catch it on😉 I like it😊

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No not seen it what channel is it on? :slight_smile:

It’s on CBS, but I’ve watched it on Hulu. Check it out!

Oh ive not heard of either of these lol!

You must not live in the states then? :grin:

Nope the uk :smiley:

I binged this show after Christmas. I love it. I’m constantly saying “Hi Christie” when they do the meetings. :rofl:


Lol… It’s freaking hilarious :joy::rofl::laughing:


I’m three seasons in and I know it’s just a show, but personally still like that the characters actively show real pain and hardship even without drinking. The moments when the characters have to tell another character “I dont drink” are times my ears really pick up.

What are some examples of telling others that you dont drink anymore, good and bad? Any advice?