The Strava thread


Definitely not me. Not elite enough to justify it.


Yeah, its not worth it for me either. I guess you can do the free trial though. Ive been tempted, but then i realize i dont care that much :wink:


I might just have to bite the bullet and try it out for the sake of everyone here.


I will live through you vicariously!


Just did the upgrade. I will give updates


Looking forward to this. I thought about getting Premium because I would love to create Segments. There are so many legs of my runs that would make excellent Segments. I also just want to track how well I’m going on those sections of my runs.

But alas, I’m uber cheap.


Honestly I don’t think it’s worth the money from my first impression


Maybe it would be for a month at a time. If I had it for a month and was able to create what I wanted, then I wouldn’t have a need for the premium again. Plus, overpriced.


Ive created a segment before without premium. Id have to look around on thw laptop to try and remember how though.


Oh, definitely let me know if you figure out how to do that!


So, you can do it from a run/ride you already have done. You click on that activity and scoll down to the bottom of the segments. It will have a create a new segment tab on the left side.
It has to be an activity you’ve done though. You can’t create segments from other peoples activities.


Is this on the app, or website?


Website. Cant seem to do it from the app, but i could be missing it.


I will check this out! Excited!


NOT worth the money.
My illusion is shattered!!!
(My illusion is shattered is now my go to analogy)


On the website. Can’t find where to do it.

Nm. Found it! Who needs Premium?


Premium update day 2. The heat maps are pretty cool I guess. I still haven’t experienced anything that I “need” to have


Okay, big shout out to @Jante76 for helping me out with this. Made my own segment today (premium-less). If you haven’t ran/rode a segment or used the app yet, a brief explanation for why they are cool. Segments are short legs of certain routes that one might ride/run. Doing a segment during one of your activities will produce better statistics for that piece of your activity. You can see the time it took you and your specific pace for the short leg.

A walkthrough on how to create one. On the webpage (not the app), go to your activities and select an activity that you did where you would like to create a segment. When you select it, there’s an option to edit it on the left. The menu button next to the edit button has a create a segment option. When you select it you can scale the segment to any portion of your activity. You can select to make the segment private or public.

Looking forward to trying out my new segment this Friday!


Yep, I dont think it’s worth it.


Segments were a big reason I thought I wanted it. Now that appears moot.