The Strava thread


Won’t be running until later in the week. My wife is out of town until Wednesday afternoon, so I don’t have anyone home to be there while the kids sleep. It’s bodyweight exercises this morning while watching Dr. Strange.


Yeah, ive been crazy busy and wasnt able to ride at all this weekend or today for my normal work commute.

My gutters are cleaned out and my yard looks pretty great though.


Your swift recovery will be in my prayers! That sounds traumatic!


Hope you have a speedy recovery @Emyj!
I’d love to join in on the strava fun…I’ve never used a tracking app. Will try to find some of y’all! I’m T Allen in Georgia.


I wish you a speedy recovery.

I’ll be sure to take pics on my jobs and rides. :innocent:


@Jante76 I’ve been meaning to ask about those simulated rides. I’m guessing you have a stationary bike? How’s that all work. I’m not sure if I’ve asked before, but it looks fun


Its a program called zwift. Its pretty cool. I can “ride” with tons of other people. They actually jave races and group rides that you can do. The have the start times listed, distance, intensity and you just join up if you want to do it. Or you can just ride different courses, some which are real life roads or races routes, or you can do a programmed workout, but im usually too lazy for one of those. You have to pay a monthly fee now, bit it was free when i started it a few yesrs ago.

I have one of my road bikes set up on whats called a smart trainer. My friend who is fairly well off donated it to me. Anyway, i usually keep a bike on it over the winter and ride at night aftwr thw kids go to bed so i can maintain some fitness.


Sounds like that will be a long term goal for me lol. Can you try to crash the other virtual riders like in the game Roadrash?


Hahaha. No, that would be fuckin sweet though!!!


Roadrash 3 was the best. I’d do the cheats, get the Diablo and go up the steepest hill, jump and see how long I could stay off the screen.


Put a little over 17 miles on the bike today. Plus worked a full day, went to a meeting and had dinner with a guy from the program. My ass is whooped.

Thanks @CaptAZ for the motivational talk yesterday!


I havent been able to do shit lately ive been so busy.
Hopefully tomorrow night i can get my ass on thw bike.

Congrats on the big miles @Englishd!!


Awesome job, Derek! Outoflikes


Daaaamn those numbers are getting up there bro!!!:muscle:


Okay…so I have MapMyRun (but I don’t use it as often now that I have my Fitbit that has GPS)…but what is Strava?


It’s like mapmyrun, but better. Designed for running and cycling.


Haven’t been on this forum for a while. Life has been busy but just saw this thread and I’m active on strava. I will have to look some of you up.
I’m Denise Doucette on strava app


Welcome! Glad you’re joining us! I added you on Strava.


@Dee I live right down the road in Syracuse!


I saw that! I used to work in Syracuse. I’m there occasionally to shop…lol. I’ve also run the Syracuse Half.