The Strava thread


That’s my goal for this year!!! My mom ran the full a few years back. Most of my “runs” on Strava are walks. I just got my new shoes broken in so the running will increase. Are you from upstate originally?


I’ve run Syracuse twice and already registered for this year’s. I’m slow and often a run/walk. I’m out there doing it and that’s what matters. I do the Utica Boilermaker too. This year will be my 7th.
Right now im also training for the Ride for Missing Children.
I’ve been in upstate since '79. My father was military & we got transferred here. I stayed.


I followed you back.


I saw! So, you do lots of halves? I used to run a half every Saturday, just on my own. I’ve done several organized ones as well. 1 marathon. Portland Marathon. Wasn’t trained very well and felt like I was going to die. Will do more long distance runs in the future, when I have more time. 4 small boys at home and one on the way. No time for training, unfortunately. :expressionless:


Lots of halves? Oh, hell no. This one will be my 4th. I didn’t start running until I was 47. There will be no full for me. I leave that to my daughter and friends. The Utica Boilermaker is a very famous 15K. I did my first one in 2011 and each year since.
God Bkess you with almost 5 small ones. Mine are grown. Two out of the house and the youngest is 17 and d orient care that I’m either running or cycling every evening. She doesn’t join me, but doesn’t care. Lol


I’d like to do more. Just in the future. Looking forward to seeing your activity on the app though!


Yikes, excuse all those typos.
Look forward to yours as well.


Went for a run. Pulled my calf pretty bad. Ate a pint of ice cream. The addicts guide to exercise…


Ice 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off. Repeat 6x to get the inflammation out. Do pain free stretching, massage and compress it, if you can. After 24 hours soak in Epsom salt bath.


Would be nice to do all that, but in reality it was limp a mile home. Eat ice cream. Now sleep. Get up for a two mile bike ride at 730 am and work a full day moving furniture up and down stairs added to carrying and throwing heavy ass garbage bags. After work it’s 3 more bike miles to a meeting.


Well, if you can’t make time for yourself, I guess you live with the consequences. :frowning:


I have a very high pain tolerance and an even higher stubbornness. This is the same guy who refused to go to the doctor when I broke my ankle in February and contuined to walk miles daily… I know you medical types are always looking for new patients, but you’ll never catch me hehehe


:rofl::rofl::rofl: You go right ahead and walk yourself into the ground. I’m okay with it.

Took me some time to accept that my patients will either want to be fixed or they won’t.


At least I save doctors the trouble of having another patient not listen to them. When I was lawyering my favorite clients were the ones I never had.


Haha! I enjoy working on people. Even if they don’t want it.


Btw, @Englishd and @rmgrimmer in case u guys hadnt figured it out already I’m the random add u got last night. D, I took ur and stevie’s advice and started walking after the withdraws eased off a bit and I’d been using mapmyrun but I keep seeing big discrepancies bw it and samsung health so I finally downloaded strava last night. Tried to import some stuff from mmr but the abominations that went through are way off and the maps make it look like I’ve been creeping through people’s back yards lol


I figured it was someone from the thread. Yeah, unfortunately GPS is never perfectly accurate. Especially Samsung Health! If it auto-tracks your walking/runs, it is horrible. I’ll run 5 miles, but it will only account for 3 1/2. It works just fine if you record the run with GPS on SH, but I’m already using Strava and NikeRunning. That’d be one too many.

Strava does link to Samsung Health though. It should automatically save your activity and load it on the step counter. It won’t double count either.


Yeah, that’s the issue with s health, it’s always off by miles lol, and since I linked mmr it double counts everything.


I haven’t had it double count for Strava.


Cool, I do like s health tho, have been using it to track calorie intake and water/caffeine consumption…glad to know it’ll link w strava and not double count cuz that was getting annoying. Im using the weight management setting on s health and trying to stay under even what it suggests for calorie intake in a day to lose weight and I kept getting messages from it saying I was 2000 or more calories under what my daily intake should be lol