The struggle is real!

Everytime I try to get sober it seems like once I feel healthy enough I drink again. Not this time around, I know if I keep going I will end up with serious health issues and I’ve already ended up in the hospital because of drinking and once I feel good enough I hit the bottle again and end up going back to the same cycle. I’ve been doing this for years now and I’m ready for a change but it’s so much easier said than done. Fighting the emotional battle is the hardest part. I want to drink when I’m happy, sad, mad, annoyed, and everything so going through my own emotional battles will be the hardest. I never knew how to deal with my emotions sober and I’m ready for that change because all alcohol does is make it worse and it only makes the situation better because I numb my feelings from everything. Emotions and feelings are a bitch!


Welcome @Lszmyd.
You will find that you are not alone in your plight.
Many people, myself included, have had the same problem.
This is our alcoholic brain trying to trick us back to drinking, and keep us there.
Best advice I can give you is write down how you feel after drinking, all the bad emotions and feelings. And also the reasons why you want to stop.
Keep them where you can see them on a regular basis.
This will help remind you!
The initial fight to stop yourself drinking is hard because you have to say no to yourself. The easiest thing is always to drink!
Read around on here. There is a lot of information on this and many other things that you will find useful. Use the magnifying glass at the top to search topics of interest.
The other thing I found very very useful was to start rethinking how you see alcohol in your life.
This has been the most important aspect for me.
Don’t crowd your mind with whatifs etc. Just concentrate on one day at a time. Or one minute at a time if this works best. Whatever you have to do to stop yourself from drinking.


Hi and welcome,
I’m addicted to alcohol too. I think we learned ourselves that alcohol is a (short term) solution for everything. However we feel (happy, sad, proud, hungry, tired, angry, etc. alcohol will solve that. Our body is used to that substance, but our brain too! So every time when we have that emotions our brain takes the same path: the alcohol path. We have to make a new path, a new solution to choose of. For me that is chocolate.
So when my body and brain said alcohol, I forced it to take the chocolate path.
It’s not the same I know. It’s hard to replace the alcohol with something else. For me it’s chocolate, others choose the gym and made muscles or go for a run, etc. The important thing is to choose the second best beside your doc.
It works for me! It takes about 3 months they say to create a new habit. Then your brain recognize the second path and it’s easier to choose it without force.
This is one of the things I did to get me were I am today: 360 days sober.
Go for it!! :facepunch: