The struggle is reallll

i tried some vape juice. dont kno if it was that or the fans messing w me gave me eye allergies. Just had the emt here last night because my body is hurting really bad.

Opened up to my mom how beer can help you taper better. Pleas mods if this is inappropriate move it i never want to be banned from here again

How is your taper going? Also, vape juice can be nasty stuff, you may have had an allergic reaction.

Beer is also probably preferable ( I am not a medical provider so don’t take this as anything other than my opinion) because it has a much lower alcohol content. The purpose of an alcohol taper is generally for when people are severely physically addicted and who are likely to suffer through Delirium Tremens and seizures. Usually it is reserved for only the most severe cases of alcoholism. Preferred detox methods usually include librium or ativan. However, since you are not doing this under medical supervision beer is most likely a better option that hard liquor. By drinking beer it can also help you pace your intake. The purpose of the detox shouldn’t be to get less drunk each day, but to put enough alcohol in to your body to stave off the most severe of withdrawal symptoms. I will say that because you had a medical detox within the last few months, the amount of alcohol needed should be very minimal, if at all. Do a test day and try just having 1-3 drinks. If you notice severe symptoms coming only have enough alcohol to eliminate the symptoms and not enough to get you drunk.

Did you get any of the liquid in your eye, ecigs can spit occasionally and the nicotine would irritate your eye if you got even a tiny bit in it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, you poor little thing. Life can seem really hard sometimes. We wonder how the hell we ended up in such a spot -my son (21) is doing it tough atm :frowning: I think it’s always better to have someone to talk to, and no matter how bad things are, how hard they seem, there is always an up side and it’s worth trying to get there. I’m sending you lots of hugs. No one is ever alone. :heart: good luck Nicole x


And real good effort on how long you’ve hung in there too. That’s epic.

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its gotten a lot better. I think it was something in the room messing with me. Or bad air circulation not too sure… It’s happened in both units tho. probably the vodka who knows.

Have you finished your taper?

I thought that only happened when u hit the crack pipe? :rofl::smile:

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Hahaha. Sadly I know exactly what you are referring to. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


My fingertips will be forever calloused.

My fingertips aren’t so bad I’ve got a good few permenant scars/crevices on my hands from burning through the foil and molten H spilling on my hands. Drug use is painful in so many different ways :joy::joy:

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its been a real process. but i have my step dad here to help me have the tools i need. my mom helps too but she just works a lot. step dad is disabled so he’s always there.
helped me sip my shot i had when i was shaking bad earlier after a shower that made me coldbut im all jammied out now n comfortable.
I just know this stuff will kill me one day in one way or another. And my body is starting to reject the sight of it. BLEH! nasty looking shot glass. But i take that as a sign that this is working, my brain is on target with me on it.
Oh and the insomnia has been terrible as well. Didnt sleep last night. I just try to make sure i stay as relaxed as possible and rest and heal.
Had some heartburn today that keeps coming and going so thats been pretty painful

today starts day 3 of the taper. i went, idont know, 30 hours without sleep. n when i get no sleep i start tripping out especially if i am going thru a detox.
was able to shower with some help which felt nice. i hate feeling disabled. also had horrible heartburn but i already talked about that.
I’ve really slowed my drinking down a lot. i notice myself staying more busy with random stuff on the computer and forgetting i have had a shot sitting next to me.
i feel my body rejecting the alcohol. i will have a shot and can barely drink it just tiny little sips at a time. so that i can wait a moment to know i wont throw up. i dont throw me back like i used to unless im having really bad shakes which only happened oncetoday.
everyone in my family has been really supportive and i thank all of u for your prayers lets keep this journey going!!!