The Struggle With Fleeting Thoughts

So as I go through my day and I wonder at times “oh I can do just one more, it won’t hurt me” my second thought is always well remember the sickness remember when the thought of taking your own life is better then dealing with this. But there are so many people out there that have the same thoughts all the time and I don’t have a sponsor yet that I just go and talk to when I get these fletting thoughts so I always go back and talk to my supports and my family and it reminds me that I never had any of the support and I had nothing to do with my family when I was using. Family is the greatest part of my life right now while I was using I walked away from my family and have been gone for the past 7 or 8 years I completely missed my little sister grow up and now that I’m finally getting it right my baby sister is almost15 years old and it’s so hard to adapt to everything that comes with it, the struggle is hard but I just think back and remember that the struggle was harder when I was using. I hope other people can relate and maybe it will save them from going back and THINKING they can do it just one more time.


Well said man. I’ve said something similar these past few days. That as alcoholics/addicts we are not responsible for the first thought of using. They will prolly always come because of our addict minds. The first thought is totally out of our control.

We ARE responsible for the thoughts that come after that first one tho. That’s when the rubber hits the road and we make a decision on what to do.

I’m glad things are going well for you Bud. And yes, family is everything!:wink:


I’m on day 104 and I still tell myself sometimes that I can just have one drink. Then I remind myself that I’ve never been able to have just one. That’s why I’m here! How soon we forget :wink: