The success in an addict. Tell us your story

An addict has very entrepreneurial traits, just waiting to hatch. If we look back on our lives, we’ve lead a life of ducking and diving and the majority of addicts have a very social personality.

A high % of gamblers that reformed went on to become successful in their chosen field. They were used to a life of high pressures, used to getting the money for their next fix.

This is true for most addicts, be it, drink, drugs, etc. I am sure there is a lot of success stories on this app, people that have stayed away from their addictions, and went on to a clean free successful life.

It would be great to hear some of them stories. Success is a great motivator, and real life stories would be a great tonic for the many that need a wee pick me up.


mines would be a novel Stephen lol


Today’s inspiration. Johnny Murtagh and Richard Hughes, two legendary jockeys. This got played today at the track (where I’m having a horse shod by a master farrier who doesn’t travel). They also have US rider Trip Harting’s biopic, “Trip to Hell and Back” queued. It’s pretty dark, so I hope I’m outta here before that. My horse will be going to a meeting on our way home! :slight_smile:
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It might only be day 5…but Im sober and made Valentines with my son, for his special day tomorrow at school because its also his birthday. He couldnt be more excited that Mom remembered to get Valentines and kept my promise we would make them together.


Feels pretty awesome to have kept a promise for what i feel like is the first time in 2 years. Motivated, small daily successes.


Bootz thank you. This is a must watch! It’s full of golden nuggets, it’s got the scare factor, the X Factor, success stories of giving up, it’s got tons inside a few minutes. These are from people that were known all over the world, but had the same demons as us. They admitted their problems, fought them and went on to live beautiful lives. Thank you

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Something that your son will remember for the rest of his life Dary and so will you because you were sober. Awesome

I’d be delighted to read it.

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You’ll probably like the Tony Adams’ biopic link I posted in the daily check in thread, too, then! Fear, yes. I’ve been surprised to learn how much of it drove me. That, and petty resentments that only came out at the end of a long day. Glad we don’t have to live like that anymore! :pray:


Such an inspirational story. I’m very proud of you and hope your son had a great Valentine’s day.

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Hi how r you

My addiction is alcohol, but I was nodding along to the comment about gamblers - my grandad had a gambling addiction, he sadly ended up gambling the home away etc. But when he overcame his addiction, he went on to set up a successful local business, despite having very little support. At the age of 10 he was sent out of his home to go and look for work in London so had been alone since, and I’m so proud of the man he became! A successful head of the family who was so loving and caring and overcame a terrible addiction.

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That is so great, and such a lovely memory for your son! <3

I finally finished up a crashed rail car at the main facility after spending a year ther (I manages to fix 2 pairs!). Yesterday was my last day there. Another facility I used to work at needs a lot of help and I decided (after giving it a lot of thought) to go back. I just moved in with my girl and her teenage daughter (who also just moved in with her mom recently) so I’ll be home every day instead of just on the weekends (since I provided with a hotel during the weekdays at the main facility). Everyone at my job was sad to see me go. The big bosses told me that my job is secure, no matter what happens at this facility. I left on good terms. Last time I left on bad terms because of my drinking but this time I did right and now I’m going to go back where it all started for me and do things right. The supervisor there is a good friend of mine and knows of my change and he’s absolutely ecstatic that I’m going back to help him.

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