The third eye


i want a journal here, and I’ve been thinking about doing it for some time now.

I have, to the detriment of my physical, mental and spiritual health, rationalized and made my experiences intellectual despite my deep need not to. I did this to survive because a lot of things made no “sense” to me as a kiddo.

I was an intuitive child and I receive a lot of information. I neglect to listen to the majority of this information and I don’t trust myself. I’ve never given this information or my capacity to be intuitive, because I am afraid.

My intention for this thread journal is to share my experience with intuition and expanding my third eye. And to do this in all it’s forms and welcome all types of sharing and feedback.

And why is it important for my sobriety? Because the third eye’s whispers come from the soul and it whispers to stay sober AF. Also, it is a guide and I need to listen. I’m a systems thinker, which is someone who sees how all things relate to one another. So this space will benefit me no matter what. I hope you can find cool things here too.


I read this tonight, good short piece. It is true that to distinguish between learned behaviors and intuitive gut feeling is a tricky one, especially for an alcoholic who’s made some terrible choices.

As sobriety deepens, it becomes new to listen to these voices and to make sense of them. How do I trust them? I’ve been getting a flood of new messages sober and as overwhelming as it is, it’s pretty darn neat. My choices have been way better and I often find myself thinking/doing this lately: I don’t know why, but I need to do this. And then I realize this was the right thing to do. But it’s muddled and unclear, and I’ve lost the grip on the sense I used to make of decisions.

In the decisions I’ve been making, sobriety is allowing my mind to wander more, and expand. I’m not on a drunk and dangerous autopilot, where I dull my ability to gain better more precise info to make a decision. Although, now, I’m in a phase it seems where all this info is confusing; so much coming at me. Which data is right ? How can I trust my intuition if I’ve developed questionable learned behaviors, which has led me down destruction? Which way do I go, and which data serves me well.

Lately I’ve also been having fun yet random intuitions and little visions. More than a few times a day, I will see something happen before it does. So, as I walked to yoga I saw myself practicing in socks. We never practice in socks , it’s 40 degrees. 30 minutes in my session, I see a practicing Yogi wearing socks. I’ve never seen this in 4 years. Or, I envisioned my MIL retire, and she announced last night she is thinking of retirement in April 2019.

They are insignificant? Maybe, but I don’t feel like they are because they increase. Like something is opening to allow me to experience life differently and make better decisions.


Please keep sharing. I love your thinking and am on a similar path. The other day I had a Deja Vu / Vision at work and I was able to ask myself and make a decision in that moment how I should interact. I had about five just last week.


My reflections on learned behavior, trust and expanding intuition led me to think about my ability to perceive and the quality of my perception. How do I take in life? Well for one, angrily and with an incredible amount of judgement.

The practice of observation is something I’ve always been fascinated with. And by observation I mean this detached and descriptive way of explaining life; it’s always intrigued me. There are some who can recall a story with great depth of description, with details and careful insights that are not loaded with insinuations. Detectives can do this, while inferring motive, which blows my mind (I love all cop/law shows).

And I for one am not like this. I load the shit out of a situation with my thoughts, and feelings. I amplify things with theories and get taken away with whatever emotion I feel.

In awakening the third eye, the six chakra, the between the eye brows, Ajna (command center), the following article talks about witness consciousness as a way to navigate the obstacles to obtaining peace of mind (in second part of article more so). So becoming a detached observer, watching without being affected, without making any judgement. It’s a way to keep the psyche focused on the third eye path.

In fact, the third eye is the detached observer of events. And if practiced, this witness stance, symbols van flash into conscious perception and thus we can develop the ability to rely on intuive knowledge to a greater extent.

A witness observer is what I will explore next.


Love this thread!! Thanks for sharing!!


I think its really cool you have the gift of vision, I have the gift of knowing but I do question it a lot. I also have a gift of connecting easily to others, sometimes I dont know if my emotions are mine or if I feel them from others. The more I listen to my inner voice, the more synchronicities I find appear that confirm it. The less I listen and try to do my own thing, they disappear.

A few weeks ago, I was checking in with a girlfriend and I had this incessant urge to pull out my newer Oracle cards. So I did. 3 cards jumped out for her and I shared them and my take. Dead on. She was floored, second time that’s happened with her. Then I felt need to continue, so one by one names kept popping up and I shuffled with them in mind until a card came. I shared with people who would accept my strange unsolicited insights and each reaction was the same except for my favorite skeptic, theirs could fit in some aspects but it still fit more than they realized as I watched things unfold. Most I had no idea if it was accurate in their lives or not. Totally was and they were all thankful I shared! It’s new for me to be able to connect in this way so it’s absolutely intriguing to me and I love this thread because to me, this is how I’m beating my alcoholism. I’m truly connecting to my quirky and strange self in this process and ripping the bandaids off, one day at a time! :heart:


Beautiful!! :sparkles:

I love how you describe your occurrence as a consensual experience as well, of knowing and sharing with others who want to open this channel with you. I could just see the exchange of energy, so powerful.

It makes me think of something I read too, about knowing others and feeling. Others can sometimes be unreceptive or “not ready” and with the gift, it becomes about checking our perceptions and seeing if they can welcome insight or not, and obviously sometimes realizing we may be reading something else worth looking into.


This is my life and I wish I loved it but most of the time it’s really painful. I used to be much more engaged in that part of my life but I’ve stuffed it down in recent years.


Makes perfect sense to me! I was a kid growing up in a house built in 1780 and was an old native american hideout house I was told. That place always creeped me out so as a young child I asked not to hear or see anything. I never knew what I was doing but it worked! And the knowing stayed, I didnt exclude that because I didn’t have a clue what really was even going on. It can be overwhelming when gifts like that are allowed in, my bff has the gift of vision and can connect with those who have passed but she hasn’t honed the skill yet because it was overwhelming for her and her anxiety has increased. And, if you’re not ready or open to hear the messages given when on the receiving end, they won’t do much good. You’ve got to raise your vibration to recognize what’s being said sometimes to have it sink in and we just aren’t there yet. It happens to us all at times!

I think the names that popped up for me were people who would be willing to accept it but there were a few I wasnt 100% sure of…I hit send before I second guessed
myself. We were both glad I did! One was my sister and I thought there was no way the card fit but I decided to send it. Fit exactly and, she is beginning to take a new direction in life turns out-which I had no idea. Pretty awesome when it works out like that!


The struggle is real!


Very interesting topic! I don’t have visions of any kind (I think), but my intuition got very strong and since I trust it and follow it I feel better. It’s like following a track, as if there are sometimes little hints I find and follow.


I keep thinking about this notion of a gift. I don’t have a gift more than the other. I may have different predispositions to seeing and living in an intuitive way, sure.

But for me gift implies I have the other not. Which I just can’t feel super comfortable with.

Everyone has a third eye, everyone has the opportunity to connect to it and develop this faculty.

Anyways, I want to come back at lunch break to discuss more about this inner witness I’m delving deep into. Really interesting stuff. Well I find interesting.


Very interesting thought and this does make sense to me when you put it like that. Sometimes we just haven’t figured out HOW to connect to it but we do often have the ability to do so. Some things just come easier than others and some things are blocked more than others. Very thought provoking, again I love this thread today!! :heart_eyes:


I am finding this post so interesting. I haven’t got anything to add but I keep reading and taking in all the information.


That means a lot to me and I’m glad! :grinning: :sparkles:


The process of witnessing, to observe by disengaging with weight of my thoughts/ feelings, is to become a neutral observer of my mind.

The Sanskrit word for this witness as direct observation is sakshi. With - senses or eyes. Sakshi. We can all work this, that ability to remain solid amidst the chaos turning on around us. We can awaken this and it becomes our spiritual power.

And you are using it right now, reading this article, and I writing it. The idea is to what they call “soften” these attachments so we can give new deeper meaning to what is around us. The article I share gives the qualities or these new experiences as “restful, transparent and expansive.”. Who we are at the source.

My struggle with discipline in recovery could be helped by practicing a mindful activity of softening my attachments. I guess that would mean to identify them, which seems contradictory to this process. If I identify my attachments, don’t I reinforce them at the same time? Instead, could I maybe try to develop a new focus. I don’t know what this focus is, but maybe it’s nothing and to focus on this nothing. And while thoughts come, I soften the attachment by reducing mind chatter.

Meditation feels daunting to me, but it seems to be what is required to develop a new focus. I’ve read that meditation doesn’t have to be sitting. I could actually be walking, talking, taking the bus. And this focus can be just to observe what is around but let go of all intrusive thoughts. Just while writing this article, I had attachments like, is this smart? I have to write this so they don’t judge me. I have to be good. Should indent more? Man-o-man. And I guess this is space where I do share these thoughts and attachments, but the double process going on at the same time and the intensity of this inner voice became clear. And I am more than these thoughts, so who am I?

My meditation is one of movement, it feels more right. I will look into this next. They propose a meditation practice in the article bellow, but I, for one, need to move physically. And this is ok because finding focus is a balancing act with my energy and my need to develop this new “vision”. :sparkles:


Are you also familiar with the Sanskrit neti neti? Much of what you’ve written speaks to that as well.


I needed this! Thank you.



I’ve been practicing this witnessing, and then using neti neti here and there. It’s not easy to keep it as a constant thought to do, it doesn’t feel natural yet. But I find whenever I try to quiet the mind, I start feeling like I’m losing control; I get anxious. And yet at the same time, with this freaking out, I gained an important insight. The insight feels timely and really important. I realized writing and thinking about this stuff has mobilized me to take on different routes of thought. it relates to my constant struggle, anger. Sobriety means facing this, which is immensely challenging. But I always use anger, and someone in my entrepreneurship class took me aside and told me that, despite me saying I’m angry and trying to work on my anger, she doesn’t perceive me as angry or mean. This feedback was well received, and I decided to look at my experience differently and that’s when I landed on frustration.

I am frustrated.

Wow. I totally am so fucking frustrated… Like, I have opinions about it all and expect things to be a certain way. I harbour many “shoulds”. I get frustrated at the smallest (a dry sandwich, but what the fuck, sandwiches always be dry) to my inability to be an entrepreneur the way I see it, it’s not fast enough. My expectations of what it would be isn’t it.

Frustration is the conflict zone of expectations versus reality. I can’t change reality, despite my numerous efforts. I can change though my expectations and look ever deeper at what is actually going on in there. I haven’t done this because I haven’t quieted the mind enough to hear myself. Hear what i expect and manage them better, understand them.

Relinquishing control of the mind over your thoughts (I guess) and relinquishing control that you can change circumstances is the way to go . My new understanding of frustration makes me soften up a little too because that means there is an opportunity to look at what I desire and how to deal, finally, COPE.

The article gives an ABCD technique I will also use. It’s really to look at what irrational beliefs do I have, what should is behind it, what are consequences of them and how to move forward with new understanding. God damned I gots work to do. But that’s ok. It’s sober work, the best .