The third eye


Ok third eye. Since starting to bring attention to you, I was sent into a frenzy. I had to look into why this was so.

There is such a thing as an overactive third eye.
and it can fuuuuuck you up, cause a lot of psychological and psychic distress. I was being overwhelmed with thoughts, directions and visions. If not grounded, an active third eye can make you go cray.

supposedly common when opening the third eye, but not being grounded enough in other areas of energy fields. Reading through the article, they say ground your heart chakra to bring balance of compassion and navigate through threats. This spoke directly to me.
I decided to take a test to look into what was off balance , and sure enough i scored high in an unbalanced heart.

The heart chakra is the ability to love oneself, to relate to others, to forgive, the ability to grieve and make the proper integration of insights. If there is blockage, there is jealousy, codependency, closed down and withdrawn. This is my experience.
I’m trying to get sober and grieve/heal at the same time. I can’t activate the third eye because I have not been able to do this.
I’m tired of being in the position of victim and hurting from past pain. My heart just still struggles.
Discussing why I struggle is too painful. But it’s probably more about practicing forgiveness, engaging in activities that feed my heart, learn to receive love (I have a hard time with this), and cultivate an appreciation for beauty.

Kind of interesting how all roads always lead me back to my heart. And Im always a grump cat (no) when it does this. But it was dangerous to venture to the third eye, obvs, and I need to move towards the heart.

Shit might get more real now…


I have a special connection with this cat. She’s a breeding cat who got rescued and home for her is now a local café. she comes to me all the time, and settles on my lap. before she does, she looks into my eyes long and hard (cats usually don’t look into the eyes for long). I guess she is a good example of forgiveness. Humans who have caused her pain and the love she gives me when we spend time together. :heart:


I’m glad you posted in this thread again, I missed it before. I like learning about people and their ways of looking at things, even when (or especially when) it’s different from how I see things.

Also I love the feeling when an animal finds connection with me! They’re largely immune to the social drama and culture we have to wade through as humans, so it’s refreshing feeling connected on a much simpler basis. I don’t feel pressure to put on a certain persona to feel comfortable with an animal, I can just be.


Hustling out the door this morning I read your post and had my daily meditation before work. I’ve been in a funk, trying also to pry back open the third eye. The past week especially, just brain fog with only a few lucid moments of clarity. It’s been a big WTF for working my program.

The meditation today, quite unusually, was centered on an Einstein quote (usually they’re anonymous). “Intuition is more important than knowledge.” It goes on to highlight the robotic rut of certainty that can be brought on by knowledge and routine. A reminder that as we again become open and rely less on raw intellect, intuition may return. Direction without effort that the mind may serve.

Anyway, your thoughts really helped today. I need more heart stuff like that beautiful furball there. :heart_eyes_cat:


For fun. Click on first link and take the blocked chakra quiz. You might reveal what is blocked within to then be able to open TE. We can’t open it if we are struggling somewhere first.


I found another one that was pretty good yesterday, here were my results in all the chakras. Wonder how accurate it is? I liked seeing them all collectively. I took this one at:


Have to say this this topic has got me mediatating at home. I am very grateful for that. Being feeling abit in the funk myself as well. But thank you for all for talking on this.



Needless to say, I think I have some energy healing to do…


That’s great though that the two tests matched with the heart chakra! Have you ever considered having a reiki treatment? Really good stuff for chakras and energy healing. Also eating food colors that correlate with the chakras and even wearing those colored clothes can help!


I just booked a session… iiiiiiiiiii!!! I’ve never done this before :astonished: it’s been coming up often around me, now you mention it. So, I went for it.


Yay!! Let me know how it goes!


Funk might mean stuck , so I share this video with you. I did it and felt the energy run through me vigourously and through different parts it awakened. (YogA with Adrienne, Stuck).


Coincidentally, @Allicat388 was suggesting on lolcat night I just need a kitten for proper adorableness overload.

I’ll try out Adrienne first… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My ex’s mom was a Reiki Master and I absolutely loved it :heart:


That’s my goal, I’m a Reiki II-master is next! :slight_smile: It’s freaking amazing!!!


Gah! :expressionless:

Maybe I do need kitten therapy.


I got that one too!




That’s awesome, you know exactly what to work on now!