The time has come, a new day 1, goodbye cigarettes!

Not a big fan of gym, think I’m gonna try the water method.
The smell is awful lol. Even as a smoker I couldn’t stand the smell of getting into a car, or going into someones home that smoked. Thankfully I only smoked outside in my new place so I don’t have to combat that stench.

I’m on edge right now, like walking that fine line between feeling ok or feeling moody, but I’ve come this far already, I’m to stubborn to give up lol

And yeah, the look of lungs is horrid. Same with the loss of breath. As a singer as never should have started.

A big factor that is helping me stay focused is the cash savings. I did the math and I’ll be saving roughly 500$
Like, that’s half my rent just from not smoking


Wow! I can remember when i was a teen they were like .50.
I bet it’s really hard trying to keep your breath during a set. My sister smokes and she coughs all. The. Time. It makes me sad cuz she’s even older than me.

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I try quit smoking cigs it hard to do

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Yeah depending on the store I went to they cost anywhere from 18 to 22$
And thinking about it I’m a bit excited. I spent roughly 500$ a month on smokes, paid rent, bill, groceries and still had a bit left over. So that 500/month is just going to be surplus cash lol.
Oh keeping my breath during a set was next to impossible but I would still push through. I would have to sit outside coughing for a few min after a set though lol


thanks man! Officially 24hours in

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That’s a a lot of extra money!! What a great motivator

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Congratulations! Day ONE is something to celebration.

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Well done on your first day smoke free! :call_me_hand:t2::muscle:t2:
Do the plank challenge, whenever you crave! :rofl:

What the hell?!? When I quit they were $6 a pack and that was insane to me!! You are gonna save a ton of money :partying_face::confetti_ball::partying_face: