The ugly truth

Alright so I want to tell a story about me. First off my name is Caitlin and I’m an addict. Believe it or not those 3 words, I’m an addict, I NEVER thought I would say. I mean i never thought i would let a drug take over my life and even in recovery I didn’t think I was an addict . I thought, I’m not on pills or suboxone anymore so how dare you call me that. This is what I told Chris when he said that I was in fact an addict, this was said recently and i Have been off of pills for a year now, so in my mind I was no addict. But then for some reason it clicked, I thought about the fact that my own husband told me I was an addict and we fought over it. But In the end I realised even though I’m not taking pills anymore and though i just quit suboxone… Im still an addict… but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a hard drug user. in my case it just means I was a hard drug user. I was addicted to opiates, (pain pills) mostly roxies. I snorted them every day. And if I didn’t have them i would find a way to get them or something to give me that opiate high because when i didnt have them not only would the withdrawals hurt my body but they sucked the life out of me. I know it sounds awful and gross, because it is. Then I substituted one drug for another and got on suboxone… I’m proud to say that I am no longer that person that could snort up to 200mgs of roxy a day (enough to kill me over a hundred times) or have to take a suboxone to function I now realise that because I was so bad on those that I stopped caring for my body. I stopped everything that made me happy before. I got skinny, which if u know me, u know I was gross looking. I won’t deny it. and i hurt the people that love me. I hurt them over and over… the good thing about this story is that Now I see that I need to eat food not pills. I need to exercise not sit around and nod out. I need to be here and I don’t mean I need to be here in body but but i need to be here! Dont ever give up and know you can do this you just gotta want it. Live it and love it. Change for you and all the other things in life will fall into place. i say that because other people cant make u change. Only you can do that. and im happy to say that I am here now. I’ve talked about wanting 3 things back in my life for so long and haven’t done any because I became deeply depressed… Due to drugs… Well my new year resolution was to (be sober) (be healthy) and (put God above all other things) I am slowly but surely getting my three things back. These may not be your 3 things but bottom line, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY! If you arent an addict dont let yourself become one. Stay away from things that hurt your body. And if you are an addict, let today be the day you own the fact that you are an addict and take action to become a recovering addict. You will be much happier that way. No excuses. It’s all on you and you can overcome anything, you just have to want it. You have to want it so bad that u will feel the withdrawal or the pain and not care because you want to be a sober/recovering addict. Get daily exercise, eat right, do what brings you and your body and mind joy not what tears you down whether it be mentally, physically or both. You can do it. You just have to want it.
My name is Cady and I’m an addict.


Owning it is a big step.

Only the biggest!

My same goals @Cady. You only get one body, so take care of it, right? Spiritual health is just as important too. God bless you, girl. Someone above is watching over you.


Thank you! Same to you! God bless and I’ll keep you in my prayers @AngelaAngel. God plays a huuge roll in being sober in my life. He says be sober and vigilant bc our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Thats a crazy thought.

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It takes some serious bravery to own “it” like you have. “Life becomes limitless, when you become fearless.”

Thank you for sharing your story…reading about your courageous resolve for 2018 and beyond, strengthens all of us.

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Thank you very much. The fact that people are inspired by this little page of my story only makes me want to yell it from the rooftop! So glad i could be of some encouragement to someone! It means so much to me. Really touches my heart :heart:

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Powerful words!! When in times of self doubt and when your at a low ebb… look back on these words for inspiration… I’m certain you will find it :pray:t2::+1:t2::muscle:t2:

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Thank u! I am so grateful to hear these things!

Good job :slight_smile:

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Thank ya thank ya! :heart:

In placing God at the highest point in your life, you must take care of your body, as it is the temple in which His spirit must reside, in order for us to abide in Him.

Stay strong. Be of good courage. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, the devil, is prowling about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.



Hey thats the verse i said. Great minds think alike!

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Thank you much for sharing!! Great message that I took a lot from. God Bless you and stay strong. :+1::pray: