The ups and downs

Ive been sober 46 days now and lately I’ve been feeling anxious again. This entire week has been long hours and 6 days of working. In the past if I had days like this I would just deal with it by drinking. Last night I was so frustrated I cried in my car once I was done I was ok I still didnt drink. I say this to say no matter how hard we are pushed or obstacles we can overcome it without drinking. Keep it up.


Awesome work!

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On Facebook today I saw somebody post something with a big glass of wine saying they were glad it was the end of the week, they need to wind down. And I thought, it seems so far removed from where I am now. It’s just a totally different mindset. Stick with it, you don’t need booze to deal with stress.


Madi, 46 days is very, very good. I’m new to this like you and found that remembering where I was before I got sober, gives me the strength to continue on. That first day you decided to stop drinking lit a Spark within your body. Each and every day that goes by, that Spark turns into a flame which grows brighter and hotter!

Read self improvement books, listen to videos on YouTube that inspire you! You’re beginning to free yourself from the shackles of alcohol as all of us have! There is more to life than drinking, amiga. And it’s so beautiful and wonderful that sometimes it brings tears to my eyes! You can do this! You’re starting to Believe in yourself like all of us are doing now. Maintain that Discipline, you fuckin got this ^.^


You’re doing great! Everytime you face one of these obstacles, and allow yourself to feel, you become so much stronger. :black_heart::black_heart:


Awesome work! Sometimes a good cry session in the car is needed lol. Hope you start feeling less stressed out soon.


Thank you. Its a journey that ill be on forever. All of us.