"The Wall" phase


So I remember watching a video which someone had linked (thanks) where a lady did a presentation about the phases of sobriety…

After riding the downwards carousel which was on intervals of approximately 1 month of sobriety, followed by stretches of slow creeping reinstatement, eventually ending inevitably in the nightly drinking, after riding that around and around for maybe a year or so, I got off that ride and joined this forum…

Now I can say with a lot of thanks so many people here, with little bit of pride and massive trepidation that I’m at 4 months.

In these last few days in feeling very solidly into “The Wall”… honey moon is over and I think the hard work is starting to kick in. I think it’s going to be a hard for the foreseeable. :neutral_face:

Keep getting the idea to get drunk for just a day. It’s really annoying the hell out of me because why would I do that and lose all this hard work? There’s no purpose to it, it’s poison, I’ll feel like pants the next day and as we all know too well, it won’t just be a day… I could lose weeks/months to that, and end up further in the pit than I was four months ago.



Give those “ideas” or voice a name and tell it to fuck off when those thoughts come up. They are only thoughts and you are in control of your actions. I call mine the beer bitch brain and tell her to fuck off frequently. Congratulations on your 4 months. Keep fighting the good fight cuz it’s sure worth it.


I like this idea!!! Ha ha hopefully I can come up with some good names


Thank you, this had been really helpful to me these last couple of days