The wim hoff method (cold water therapy) 482 days sober & clean

Hello everyone, its been a while from i have came on here, the last time i was in a bad place , but as so many of you stated i never gave up, i am still going strong nearly 1 and a half years now clean and sober,

I have found somthing that has helped me immensely! Have you heard of the wim hoff method? Ice baths! I bought one just over 3 weeks ago and have been doing them everyday and night , the benefits are staggering ! Mental health, physical well being , anxiety, inflammation and so on ,

Does anyone else do this method? If not please look up wim hoff method on YouTube you wont be dissapointed


Yes, I know this method. Wim Hoff is Dutch and so am I :wink:
But me in a ice bath? I wouldn’t think so! :blush::rofl: Some stuff is to healthy, even for me.
But I understand it has many benefits!


Hi Rab,

I am fascinated about ice bathing and know about the godfather Wim Hoff :smiley:

Until now I just had baths in the river for feet and calves between - 2 and 5 degree and a very icy shower I am taking at the outdoor pool in summer everyday after my workouts.

I can’t find a club of people around my area that wants to do a real whole body icebath in a lake or river.

You bought one… So you mean such a outdoor bathtub you often c in the videos? How cool is that!

Icy greatings by a passionated swimmer :blue_heart:


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I hope to encourage others

My power recently went out for 5 days to to wind storm in our area. I had to do this everyday until my hot water came back on. :flushed: I don’t think I could do that method very long. I was cold to the bone every day all day.


I dont necessarily do ice baths but i do shower in cold water. Idk if the benefits are the same. Sometimes ill shower & clean up in warm water and then end my shower in cold (as cold as i can comfortably stand in it). I do get benefits this way. I feel very grounded and it brings me into the present.


I definitely have heard about it, but have not done it myself and doubt I will. I do, howver, support you in finding something that is making you feel invigorated and strong in your sobriety!!! Finding what works for us as individuals is key IMHO and what inspires one of us, may not inspire another. And big congrats on your year and a half, that is fantastic!!!