The worst cravings, 1 week in


Having horrible cravings this morning, everywhere I look there is familiarity with alcohol, also I read somewhere that stopping drinking will me as with your sexual chemistry. Has anyone experienced this? Another question, this may not be allowed just wondering what every ones opinion on cannabis to take the edge off is?


Keep pushing through those cravings, they will subside, and remember, they won’t kill you.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean about sexual chemistry, are you asking if you lose your sex drive after quitting? If so, I suppose. I may mave lost desire for a few weeks, but it returns after a while. A lot of things will change, temporarily, sex drive, sleep patterns, appetite, emotions etc. After good 6 weeks you will be back to normal.

As far as cannabis goes, my personal view is, using a mind altering drug to make you comfortable from detoxing from another mind altering drug is just changing seats om the titanic. For me, sober is sober. But this is your journey so you make the rules for yourself. Just be true to yourself during your journey.

Good luck, and hang in there, it gets better.



I’d say no to cannabis. It’ll weaken your resolve. Make it harder to think straight.

You need your wits about you. Stay in, take the day off work if you have to. Binge watch a box set. Order pizza. The feelings and urges will pass and then you will feel soooooo good.


It’s not going to work @Lex. The idea is to get clean, not start mixing things around.
It’s not easy to push through, as you’re experiencing, but as I said in your other post, you’re now hearing the voice that’s going to try to undo all the good you’ve achieved.
The only thing that can mess up what you’ve achieved so far is listening to it.


I had 2 months sober in 2017, smoked weed to “relax and take the edge off”. I was drinking very shortly after that. I’d say no to all mood and mind altering drugs.

You’re a piece of steel and sobriety is an anvil, you gonna have to be beat against it until you conform to the shape of the anvil.

@Dasindog, that changing seats on the titanic reference was fucking perfect.