The worst Day?

Which Day was your worst Day quitting alcohol??

Today is my Day 5. So far its been quit OK. 2 first days with real pain. But No drinking. Today started really good. Now I want, I want, I want. My mind and I are discussing about this and go buy wine. I tell my self so many reason is ok. It taste good, I have not drink for many days I deserve, I can start over again tomorrow, its relaxing, its nice and sunny outside.

When will the worst cravings be over??


The first two days were the worst for me. Then I would have random bad days along the first few months with really bad cravings.

The cravings never really totally stop, you learn how to understand that your addict brain is just trying to trick you into drinking again. Then you can ignore the cravings. For me, the cravings have gotten much, much better and I really don’t have a desire to drink again.

If I may make a recommendation, the book “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace was a massive help to me in my first few months. It focuses a lot on the cravings and how to dismiss them.


First two days were worst. After about 2 weeks the cravings really tapered off for me. Then just dealing with situations as they arise. But practicing making better choices got a lot easier after a month or so. It was more auto pilot and less mental struggle.

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Agree! I listened to the book again on my commute, and listened to recovery elevator podcast a lot.

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I hope it Will be better with the worst cravings. Its really hard not to give in Just now. Im really batteling with my self now. I know if I drink I Will really hate my self after. I dont want trow away what I worked for til now. And still I so want a glass of wine or two, knowing I will not stop there. Then im finnishing that bottle, and go buy one more, if not two.

I totally relate. Day 3 or 4 was the worst physically but day 5 was more of a struggle because that’s when the mental games started. Once the physical symptoms go suddenly your brain says “Hey you did it. You deserve a drink. It wasn’t so bad. One drink won’t hurt.”

Honestly, what got me through those days was AA meetings…speaker meetings specifically. In those meetings a guest shares their stories of their drinking and how they got sober. You will be amazed how much in common you have with ALL the stories. Not the events but the feelings and the struggles. These stories will help you to remember that it WAS that bad and that taking that drink is the worst thing you can do.

Although meetings are a challenge during the pandemic you can find speaker stories online. I believe there are some on YouTube??


Thank you! I Will check out YouTube. Yeah Im sure thats why its hard now, the mental part. And oh so hard it feels today. Im really trying to be the strongest that I can.


Rigth now all I wanna do is Just cry. I feel so terrible with my self.

You know what? CRY. If you want to cry then cry!!!

Most of us drink because we’re trying to avoid emotions. But in the process we avoid the reasons and then it just stays there. Part of what you’re going through is ALL the situations and emotions you’ve been avoiding during your drinking days. Drinking didn’t make them go away, only put it off until now. But don’t fear it. Experience it.

As they say “you have to GO through it to GET through it.”



Definitely the first. I had to imagine and replace the automatism of drinking at night on the couch and somehow crawling and falling into bed. Alone thinking of it was pure horror. Most of the days after it was easy to get through the day but cutting the ‘habit’ buying that bottle of wine each day that was tough. Then after the let’s say easy peasy part was over and real life continues I had some real tough days but they will come and go bc this is life. Now I cannot imagine drinking and waking up hungover the next day.


I so much Appreciate you guys taking your time to answer, helping and supporting, sharing. From all my hart❤️

I was a so bad drinker. I could start as soon as I wake up in the morning, for real. Wine was my Coffee. Not normal at all.

I love being here, Reading, writing and talking with all you guys here. Such support!

So now I made some food for my Kids while making a strong cup of Coffee (real Coffee not wine), sat my self outside in the Sun and trying Just to relaxe


For me days 5 to 7 were the worst because that’s when my addiction would tell me that I obviously am not an alcoholic because I’ve made it 5 days…
It gets significantly better after the first 10 days or so. Keep with it, you’re through some of the hardest bits already!


I second this. I’m a big burly lad, and sometimes a good cry can really help let it all out so you can rebuild

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: Si I Will preaper my self for some hard days coming. Yes exactly, thats what the voice in my head tells. You done No alcohol for maany days, No problem, so now you can drink.
I Will stay strong and keep fighting whit all I have.


That voice in the head is the worst and I know it well. Have you tried podcasts? There are some excellent ones and it can be really nice hearing how other people deal with it.

I whack some headphones in an take myself off for an hour or so.

Here are some good ones:
Over the influence
That sober guy (particularly good if you’re religious I imagine, I’m not at all, but I still like it)
Love sober
This naked mind podcast

There are loads more but hopefully there will be something there for you!

Thank you, I Will check it out​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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When I quit drinking I swore to myself that I would never touch a drop of alcohol again. I don’t even drink NA (Non Alcoholic) beer or anything of the sort. In the beginning, I channeled all the rage, sadness, despair into my sobriety. I used those emotions to just fuel the fire. Now, I’ve accepted everything that happened to me and am just comfortable with myself know that I will never drink again.


I’ll add Recovery Elevator. GREAT podcast about recovery.


So I made the Day. Feeling more calm and at peace now. Was really hard Day. Now watching movie with my son and having lemonwater and enjoying.

Thank you all for your words, help and being here for me.

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