Things that I have watched/read/ listened to. Share yours!

Hi yall! I wanted to list some things that I have consumed that I have found helpful or inspiring.

  1. Book- This Naked Mind
  2. Documentary- Bob and the Monster on Hulu
  3. Podcast- Recovery Elevator
  4. Instagram- Fuckingsober

Please share yours!


Big book AA , As bill sees it , ray o keefe clarence synder cassetes no cd in those days lol



  • ‘The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog’ is a great and deep book about understanding and working through childhood trauma, based off a psychologist’s own experiences
  • There’s a book by someone named ‘Allen Carr’ on quitting smoking I know actually helped at least two of my older siblings quit smoking after many years
  • Although more esoteric, a book I read some years ago called ‘The Celestine Prophesy’ and it’s sequels genuinely helped and influenced me a lot

Youtube Channels to check out & give a try:

  • Better Ideas
  • Sadhguru
  • Kalle Flodin

Great post initiative @Daphnecat, will stick around for more… :hugs:


I watched and loved The witch , Cabin in the woods , Ginger snaps and Clueless. I listened the latest album of Doja Cat Planet her.

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