Things that motivate me

Had an awesome day yesterday. Fishing is many different kinds of therapy for me all rolled into one fun activity. :purple_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:


That’s lovely!

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Nice catch!

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Awesome catch! Man I haven’t been fishing in years. Is that a… trout?

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@Chiron spotted bass caught with a bush hog lure


Won’t be the last time I’m wrong! Very nice catch indeed.

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@MelBrooke how may Grass Bass’s did you catch??? lololol i always enjoy fishing but i prefer ice fishing…

@Phillysnuthouse i have never been ice fishing… that sounds like hella fun!

@MelBrooke do you live in a state that gets cold? Very easy to get into worth trying atleast once…

@Phillysnuthouse im in Georgia… we hardly ever get snow down here, let alone ice enough for ice fishing, so no :frowning: no chance for it here

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@MelBrooke well if your ever in WI in the winter ill take you !!! just pack warm stuff lots of it lolol.

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