Things they don't tell you about drinking

Went to to the doctor last week to have my liver tested. Turns out I have elevated enzymes which means I probably have fatty liver disease. This is a precursor to cirrhosis but the good news it is curable. All you have to do is not drink for 60 days or more, depending on how severe it is and if it’s caused by drinking. You know how you hear the term “beer gut” that’s what it is. No matter how much I dieted and work out, still had that gut. Turns out your liver actually enlarges, causing internal swelling, and has issues breaking down fat. You always hear about cirrhosis but never fatty liver disease. I’m lucky I caught in time, before causing permanent scaring on my liver. This only strengthens my resolve to continue my journey on sobriety. 41 days down, 19 more before my liver just begins to heal. Amazing how bad alcohol is for you


Did they recommend anything to help with healing? Like apple cidar vinegar detox type stuff? Just curiou.

I second how bad it is for you. I have what you would call alcoholic myopathy. I was wondering why when I drink I get red splotches all over my body and face and then the next day all of my muscles feel bruised and stiff. Turns out my body can’t metabolize the ethanol in alcohol and it gets trapped in my muscles and takes days to go away. On top of that, my last blood test shows slow liver function. Better to just stay away from it than destroy myself further than my immune deficiency already has.


No, none of those actually work. Your liver detox’s just by renewing the bad cells, like a scrap on your skin. Apple cider vinegar is good for digestion though, especially if you have acid reflux. Milk Thistle helps protect your liver, but does not heal it. Just takes time. Also, drinking plenty of water. But that’s just normal health tip.


Sounds like your liver is starting to deteriorate like mine. Fatty liver is a serious thing that few have heard of. Can also get it from obesity. Looking at the difference of a healthy liver vs a fatty liver definitely helps me stay sober lol

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I found out a month ago that I had alcohlic hepatitis. Which is the next step after fatty liver and right before cirrhosis. The doctor just said you have to quit drinking. Shitty thing was that after I left I drank a bunch. I realized I was helpless with alcohol. It took me a couple weeks on and off booze to finally get on track, 34 days sober. Ive been taken doctor recommended vitamins and lots of different herbal teas. I too am glad this was caught when it was and crazy to think I did that much damage to my liver. Im only 31 and i alwasy associated alcohol related liver disease with people much older. Alcohol is straight up poison. Glad to have finally turned my life around. Best of health to everyone!


That’s true. My husband has gout and still drinks. While his prevention meds seem to work for him he still sometimes has attacks. He’s overweight and I’ve told him drinking isn’t doing much for him .I always wonder if I should take him to the doctor for tests.

I hear ya. Glad your fine. I’m about to get tested on the 9th of December. I’m actually a bit scared. I’m only 36, but have been drinking most of my life. I thought drinking was life. How do you think that? Crazy, I don’t think that way no more. He’ll to the no.
Sit down sober and think about life, especially if you have little ones. GAME CHANGER!
Every time i put the bottle to my mouth, i didn’t suck out of it, it sucked out of me.


Yes. Blood test. Overweight and drinks he is very much at danger for liver issues

Glad you caught it now, alcoholic hepatitis is some serious stuff but it is reversable. These are the things alcohol vendors never say. Sure, don’t drink and drive, and enjoy in moderation. But how much is moderate? It’s crazy

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Avocados help heal the liver. Also drink kombucha.These two things have helped me so so much. I drink 1 kombucha a day you can buy them in bulk from places like costco or Im sure online.
Anything woth probiotic is good for you to help clean out the gut. :blush:

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That’s what I’ve told him. My husband is like a kid when it comes to the doctors. I have to get his shoes on and in the car without him finding out where we are going until we get there. He hates it, but his mother loves me for it lol. And every time I have him go I’ve been right that he needed to get checked for something or at one time admitted to the hospital.

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I was one of those alcohol vendors.:wink:

Oh no, the dark side!!! Lol jk, but you know what I mean

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I had fatty liver and got fit… then started drinking again. Now I’m off it and I think I’m strong enough to do it for good. So many health risks we often can’t see. Can’t undo the past we can shape our future

Im just glad ive chosen the sobriety route - Worse thing would be if the doctor tells me i have cancer and i could of prevented it by not boozing!


Hope is always there :slight_smile: i wish you a healthy life you can do this , life is Worth the change. Alcohol should be forbidden. But to much money in it. Mankind would be better off .


Yes truer words have never been spoken