Things to do to keep your mind off from using!?

What do y’all do to keep your mind off from using???

Driving to places iv never been to within a reasonable distance. Going to meetings. Helping other struggling alcoholics. Finding new music. Playing video games. Playing Texas Holden online for play money (usually enter 100 person tournaments on pokerstars.) Calling my sponsor, drinking lots of tea.


Meetings! Talking to my sponsor and chatting with everyone here. :sunny: :grinning:

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Thrift store shopping for one of a kind garden items (or whatever you fancy)
Going for a walk
Watch a favorite show
Pick up a redbox
Make to-do lists
Plan a dream vacation (even if you don’t intend to go)
Start/plan a garden

Anything that makes you happy except the substance you are trying to avoid :smiley:

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Today I’m going to try Birkam yoga. I’m really nervous. But part of this is to get out of my comfort zone.
I’m really nervous.

1.)spend time with grandparents
2.)attend school
3.)play with my puppy
5.)think about my friends in heaven to help with the emotionally part of recovery
7.)$HoPPING …I really need to try and get a sponsor that I’m just slacking on
8.)do something fearfull everyday my counselor recommended it ! And justI tell my story WHICH I know I got like 10 years under the dope game WHICH has lead me to jail,and mental institutions . And it was intravanesously for about a let’s say 10 years or so far I have been through a lot I was codependent on my boyfriend’s and family but anywayI they all keep me busy , I think I just need more support so for THAT I need to open up … one issue is I found old needles and thank God I proved toto my family I’m donenot and handed them.over , no more fear or restless nights.of sleep so now I just appreciate this site it’s sexy WHICH sobet is sexy may I add …r.I.p to those that sent here that’s why you have to get back off your butt lol and not go going against the beliefs u set for yourself !

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