Things Your Dad/Mom/Sponsor says

Dad: Quittin’ ain’t hard. It’s stayin’ quit that’s a bitch.

Who has said something that resonates with you? What was it?



It doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it (beating addiction) … (said at work by a service user, recovering alcoholic)


"Just stay sober"AA speaker

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Both great points. I do think it’s possible to learn from others, but no one can truly change unless it comes from a genuine personal experience. People can follow instructions on how to live a healthy life, but if the drive doesn’t come from a highly personal place, natural instinct and previous habits will always win in the end. I read a story on here today about a woman that had a good family, job, and home… shortly after a relapse she was homeless. That hit home for me. I realize how much I have to lose and there is no safety net. I really have to stay sober in order for my family to succeed. I survived the side effects of alcoholism when I was younger. It isn’t just me that needs to survive anymore. Thanks for your insight from your meetings.

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“I’m an adult, so any drink I have is an adult beverage.”


Every day you stay sober, your addiction is training for a marathon…my body couldn’t handle a marathon!

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Mom mom always told me "you are what you bring to the table."
I guess it’s her way of saying that whatever you carry with you that’s how people will see you. For a long time it was horrible hangovers at work. And while I was very good at what I do i think that limited my success.
Now that I stopped drinking I’m better and more opportunity has come about. I change what i brought with me

My mom (recovering alcoholic who has been sober now for 5 years):
“when the going gets tough, the tough get going”
“we are human BEINGs not human DOINGs”

Dad: Women are a lot like squirrels. Chasing them is a lot of fun…it’s when you actually catch one that your problems start.

The Man is a Genius.



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Friend in the Program…
“Don’t fuck it up asshole”.
Those words can really pertain to anything in your life

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