Thinking of leaving my wife

Not sure what to do I’m almost 2 years sober and my wife is a extremely active alcoholic I quit drinking when she was 6 month pregnant and right after my daughter was born she started off where she left off and it’s getting so much worse I’ve tried everything possible I don’t know how to leave her we have 2 baby’s that I will not let her get and I have no where to go my family lives on the other side of the country and not to many friends since I got sober and don’t worry I’m not even thinking about picking up just sick of her drunkenness and when she does stop drinking it’s for 2 or 3 days just long enough for major detox bitch to come out and play

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I shy away from giving advise, but I would suggest just thinking about what is best for your children and for you. My wife left me for pretty much the same reason, and I absolutely respect her for having the strength and resolve to get out of a bad situation and create a more stable environment for our kids. It was a nut punch wake up call for me and in the end, we are all better off for it. She is happier, our kids are excelling, and I am finally working on being the best me, for me, so I can be the best father I can be. But that is just my story and I know no two situations are alike. Hopefully if you talk to her about how you are feeling and that you are considering leaving, maybe counseling and recovery therepy could turn things around in time if she’s willing.


Counseling and Out Patient rehab might be a solution.

Do apologize for the situation yiu are in.

As the last person said… protect your kids, give them a stable envoirement.

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@FrayedKnot…that is a fantastic share! When I first got sober, my husband was a mess and with my sober eyes I really saw just how bad things were and I had to walk away for my own sobriety and sanity. Over time he finally got sober himself and now we are back together, both of us sober and life is wonderful. We are both in AA, working our programs and living a very loving life together. Sometimes you have to take hard and uncomfortable steps to look after yourself and your children and pray your spouse will “wake up”… but at the same time be prepared if they don’t. There’s a great saying in AA…“nothing changes if nothing changes”…you can’t get someone sober or force them to do so. Take care of yourself and your children and pray like crazy to whatever power you believe in. Stay strong, stay sober, stay connected! :rose:


I agree with everything that’s been said. Big congrats for getting to a place where you are healthy enough to recognize the situation for what it is and for expecting better for your family. I can imagine how scary it must be to face the unknown but just know that “on the other side of your fear and or pain, is likely something wonderful”.

Please keep us posted on your progress.


Well the update is it took my wife to a 30 day treatment but we could not afford it so she suggested doing 90+90 today is day 6 and she is doing great and I could not be more happy for her


And thank you all for everything


So glad she was willing. So happy for her,you and your children!

That is great! Wishing the best for all of you! I hope things work out and you have a long and happy life together😊

That’s great news!!! Do you mind sharing what changed ( on your end, her end and or both) to spark this important step?
I’ve been seeing more and ore people facing this issue once they get sober and realize their partners are struggling with addictions as well, especially if our own were easier to pick up on.

@FrayedKnot…Omg! That’s fantastic! I love hearing how the program works! Your family is in my prayers! This could be such a life changing thing! So happy for your family. …please keep us posted, good or bad, that’s what this family of recovery is here for!

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So happy things are moving in the right direction for your family @chuck! Remember to be kind and gentle to each other. The beginning of the sobriety journey can be difficult (as I’m sure you know!). Your family is in my prayers. :slight_smile:

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