Thinking sober

I have realized the giant problem behind my addictive problems is kthe way I use my mind. When I listen to the Big Book/I can replace the word drinking with the word thinking and it fits perfectly. So that means fully admitting that I can’t trust and rely on my own mind like I used to before I had any addictions. But how do you abstain from your own mind?


I’m going to tag @Englishd because he explains this dilemma perfectly.

That’s your ego interfering with your true self and trying to run the show. You may want to check out Jason Vale’s book, Alcohol Lied to me, he goes into this in detail…

For me it’s exactly in your title Thinking Sober and thinking positive.

I changed my thoughts from " I don’t want to drink" to “I want to be sober” it takes the negative don’t and drink out of my thinking and the positive want and sober comes in.

You can do this with all sorts of things and there is a great power in positive thinking.


Ah thanks!!!

I love that. It’s an eating disorder that I struggle with, so what you say makes me realize it’s the same–you abstain from the negative things, not all of it


Man you’re so right. Like Eckhart Tolle’s books too. I’ll have to check on that one, sounds great.

There’s a lot about the powers of positive thinking in a book called The Secret. It does focus a bit on the material things in life, but you can take the principle message from it and apply it to life in general.

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My best thinking got me here, got me to my bottom. So I found it really helpful to stop talking myself up, patting myself on the back and celebrating false accomplishments.

I listen to others, and talk to my Higher Power. For nearly 9 months they have not lead me astray, made it easier to be sober and enjoy life without the poison I used to crave.

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