This heartburn is terrible

anybody know how long the worst of the withdrawals take? I’ve read input on here…

For alcohol the most severe of symptoms should die off after 2 weeks. However, some persist for well past a month, but they are usually the lesser symptoms.

You mentioned drinking a lot of OJ last night if I recall correctly. A lot of acidic stuff like that can also cause some reflux. Maybe something more mild like tea or water would help?


So I don’t know if I would classify heartburn as a withdrawal sign as much as I would associate it with damage to the esophagus, to the stomach or to the duodenum from exposures such as alcohol, cigarette smoking, diet or bacterial infection. So you may have ulceration(s) from years of exposure or you may just ingested something bad yesterday. If it turns out to be a persistent thing I would see a doctor because worst case scenario is chronic GERD leads to throat cancer as the acids from your stomach change the type of cells that line or throat due to the ph or the ulcers cause GI bleeding.


There’s no hard-and-fast time that applies to everyone. Generally the worse the withdrawal, the longer it takes for symptoms to peak after the last dose. Normally it shouldn’t keep getting worse after 72 hours since the last drink, though it will take time for them to come back down. Assuming quite heavy alcohol use daily for a long time, the horrid “stay-in-bed” tier symptoms may last up to two weeks, the lesser ones may stick around for longer.

But those rough time periods are for stopping completely, if you have any alcohol, the clock on that winds back. Some places have a toll-free number you can dial, where you can find a nurse to talk to. That might be a helpful resource if you don’t want to talk to a doctor about it, and more reliable than people like me on the internet :wink:

Personally, my worst withdrawals at the hospital peaked between 2-3 days, and I was discharged and on my feet going about my day after 7-8 days, still feeling a bit sick. By two weeks I only had to deal with hand shaking, anxiety, and general PAWS stuff. Generally withdrawals aren’t that bad, though.

@kdog724 has a good point that the heartburn may not be from the withdrawal itself and a doctor would help narrow it down if it becomes a problem. Anxiety can give you chest pains that feel like heartburn as well.


Thanks for all the advoce guys. was finally able to stomach some food im just worried ahout my stomach issues andnot having anyone to help me to the bathroom. plus the heartburn… it comes and goes.

I’ll def think about that the next time i drink orange juice. thank u. it was watered down and had a full deal of ice in it but yeah i had several glasses.

and it was really awful when i was getting the shakes. blleh.

anyways im feeling a bit better now. thank you all for the input and for caring


well the heartburn went away but the shakes are killing me. im anxious ill have a seizure in my sleep been up 40 hours. This is terrible. any tips? i took a gabapentin bc i had stopped bc i read some stuff online thatt scared me. would it be OK to go from around12-15 drinks a day to say 3-5?

Withdrawls are never going to subside til you decide to quit for good. With the taper your prolonging the whole process on yourself. Its just like taking subs for opiate wd your just writing a rain check until u stop completely. You need to stop self medicating yourself and go for
professional help. Gabapetin is not a drug to be tooling around with.

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i cant sleep. resting heart rate 130 bpm
been up probably 40 hours

When people detox they dont sleep. Thats natural. I think we all faced this before. Sometimes only getting 2 hrs of sleep. Your body will get into a routine eventually. Try laying down even if u cant sleep. Eventually it will take. You have to be patient when it comes to detoxing it isnt going to fix itself overnite.


i know…
i feel a tad calmer and sleepier. just worried about seizures or throwing up.

Just try to relax and get cozy. You could be causing urself extra stress and anxiety worrying. Distract urself if you can with a game or binge watch videos.

I never had heartburn as withdrawal…but I did get heartburn from drinking. It took about two weeks of no alcohol to repair (maybe not “repair” but heal enough) the damage causing the heartburn.

Low to no fat diets help. Not sure if this is really helpful in your situation. If you’re looking for a quick fix tums helps (temporarily).

Eat a couple of bananas today. They will help with the heartburn and the shakes.

Also if it’s heartburn, try not to lay flat at least 2 hours after eating. If you have a recliner, that helps, as you can cozy up with a blanket and rest without being fully reclined after you eat. Small, regular meals/snacks. Feel better soon!

When I was detoxing during my second rehab I got put on some meds that actually didn’t work the way they should. I was up for around 6 straight days, with maybe an hour of sleep total. I would get rest at night, but never sleep. Towards the end I started getting a little wonky, but I was still able to function during the day to a certain degree. There’s no easy way through withdrawal. At this point your alcohol intake should be low enough that you won’t have the most severe of symptoms. I’m sure everyone would prefer if you went to a doctor just to make sure though.

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I went to the hospital the other day and am still here. I had a night with insomnia where i could not handle the shake anymore. It was lats so there waa no one to was wach me. Stuck to an IV machine fur potassium magneiun level least ive been gettibg sleep…


I am so, so glad you have professional medical help for this taxing and dangerous process- I’ve been worried for you!! My best suggestion is to stay as long as they recommend and try not to leave until you feel stable and ready to cut alcohol/benzos out for good, there are lots of great outpatient group and individual therapy options to support you in early sobriety not to mention 12-step fellowships. Take care friend! This too shall pass!

You should ask for a social worker or nurse care manager. They will set you up with insurance and can help you get connected with other services. Even rehab if that’s what you want.

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