This is Day One Again

Ugh. It’s early. I have no idea what I’m doing or why this is so hard. I never drink during the day, but evenings are the worst. I’ve been chasing sobriety for three years, but I can’t manage to put more than a few sober days together. I’m in therapy and I have all the meds. Any advice? Anyone out there?

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How is your support system? Have you gone to any meetings?


Read the book Allen Carr the easy way! It helps but things inperspective and helps you not want to drink. I always think why would i want to drink gasoline! Hope this helps. Good luck and believe in yourself. You can do it! Just like any one else here!

Oh when you start feeling the benefits of not drinking! It gets easier. I work out and that helps. Do something new. I promise its worth and quite quickly!

What she said. Group sessions, with like minded people, people who are goint through or been through what you are encountering is extremely impactful. Surround yourself with people who know you’re struggle, get numbers, talk sobriety.


It does actually smell like gasoline! Guess that’s why the call it alcohol fumes🤔

For me AA was the answer. Give it a try, you never know.


Whenever I start telling myself I can have “just one beer”, I remind myself that one always leads to 10, which leads to whiskey, which leads to any number of the bad things that happen when I drink, which isn’t worth it to me any longer.

It was kind of a bummer at first, but I tended to focus on the negative aspects of my drinking, as opposed to how much I might like a drink, so as to deter myself from ending up in the above mentioned bad situations.

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If nothing changes, then nothing changes. I had to change my social scene, my daily routines, my support network. Broke down and went to AA, which I swore I never would do. You can do this!


What sort of medication have you been given and how are you finding it so far?