This is me

Hello, my name is chris and I have been using this app for about 2 weeks, went 11 days and then had to reset 2 days ago, horrible feeling and the guilt I have inside was bad, I have been drinking since I was around 16 and from day 1 I would drink until I would black out or get as close to blacking out as possible, that has happened for the past 11 years…and now I am married have a career and it hasn’t slowed down at all. If anything it has gotten worse. But now I go out drinking and coworkers who have control over how much they drink and I end up getting hammered and making a complete fool of myself…well after the last reset it put me in a really dark place, where I was close to just giving up on life and calling it quits. But my loving wife talked me down and told me everything will be fine, over and over again. I was a compleye mess. And now I’m taking control of this horrible addiction. Before it ends me, I will come out on top, so here’s to the last reset I ever hit (God willing) and a life long sobriety.