This is my inspiration


What really keeps me going are the smiles on my children’s faces when they get to hang out with sober mom. I can’t give this feeling up. My family is everything. I want to know what your inspirations are :blush:


Many on here have heard me say this before, but it’s been the mantra to which I always return. I have a two year old and a four year old. During my first days sober, my sponsor said to me, “If you play your cards right, your children will never remember you as a drunk.”

That’s my biggest motivation and inspiration - every single day.

Glad you are here, Mama!:heart:


Thank goodness for that. I want to be the mom they deserve. Thank you for that


I have absolutely no doubt that you can be. There are a lot of us parents on here. It’s been really inspiring to get to know them as we all try to build better lives. I’m so glad you’ve joined us!


I think and say the same thing all the time. My almost 5 year old won’t remember his dad drinking and my 4 month old will never see me drinking. God willing of course😉
That’s a pretty darn inspiring thought


Hey @Sobrietyadventurer & welcome :hugs: I’m Tracy, also a parent and have first hand experience raising a now 20 year old son in a ‘Mommy loves wine’ culture.

It is the sweetest sobriety perk to have been a present mom in my sons life. The only thing I ‘missed out on’ were some girls nights, gossiping about husbands, tearing other friends down, badmouthing teachers, or the school in general, while holding a glass of wine, etc. So basically I didn’t miss a thing there :wink: dodged a bullet is more like it :smile:

What did I gain? Ask my son! OMG Everything!! Being present for every bump, bruise, hurt feelings, lost tooth, first crush, home run, first dance, drivers ed…all the way up to graduation. My son had a mom, who was clear-eyed, clear headed, solved problems without a drug or drink, didn’t need to run from life or escape to cope. I handled situations maturely, loved his daddy, cooked for him, listened to him, guided him, respected him, made him laugh & was his biggest cheerleader!

Today my son is cool young man! He’s level-headed, responsible, he’s a guy’s guy & the girls love him too. He’s funny, smart, he opens doors for me & carries my groceries, he has a strong work ethic, he’s relaxed, chill, and has had the same group of 8 best friends since kindergarten. He’s mature, responsible, well adjusted & I’ve yet to see any signs of addictive behavior…And. I’m. His. Mom?? Me?? I actually had a hand in that???

Raising that young boy into a fine young man is beyond a doubt my 2nd finest act on this earth. The first, was walking into AA, finding God & sobriety :heart:


Tracy - I so want what you have!:heart:


You already have it baby!! I’m just you a few years down the road :joy: :hugs::heart:️:smile:


That post is so inspiring. Made me tear up a little. I want nothing more than to be there for every moment and really enjoy my Littles. Thank you all for sharing. I can do this to.


I hope the same thing, that my 3 year old won’t remember a sick mommy. I’ve never done anything in front of him, but he’s probably seen some of the side effects. Here’s hoping he won’t remember them as I work on myself.


Mine is also my family. I have 3 under 5. All girls. I’m present, I’m home, I’m clear. Also it’s really fucking cool actually keeping promises to my husband. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. God please please don’t ever let me go back,


Needed to see this tonight. Also a mother of two young girls and have an old friend coming with her girls this weekend. We always endulged in lots of wine together. I have been a little nervous about this weekend because this is our first visit since I have become sober. This thread reminded me of exactly why i made this decision. Being present for my girls is the most important thing to me :heart:


My two big guys were born after i got sober and today they are 21 and 23 they dont drink or smoke havnt found a steady girlfriend yet but that will come im sure , they know there dads a alky an goes to meetings dosnt seem to bother them gifts from god ,


I have my family back. That is truly what inspires me to stay sober. My daughters are 8 and 10 and I spent all of their life chasing the buzz. Spent more time drinking then I did with them.
After 15 months sober I finally have them back living with me again. I divorced their dad and they basically lived with him for 3 years while I was off feeding my addictions. Was drinking and having sex daily living in a hotel because I was blowing so much money.
The last 2 years I’ve been in my house and they would come and stay but never wanted to stay for long. This school year they are with me full time.
That to me is what keeps me going. I spent 15 months working on the relationship. Calling them and going to their dads house daily to see them. Bringing them to my house whenever they wanted.
I finally earned their trust back enough where they want to be with me and Chris. :purple_heart:


Wow. That’s amazing! You really not only turned around your life but life for those kids. Good job Mama!


That is truly amazing. My eyes are welling because I’m so happy for you!


What keeps me going is the enjoyment I get out of pretty much everything now a days. I can’t think of a single thing that is more inspiring drunk than it is sober.

Gone are the suicidal and homicidal thoughts. A true blessing.