This is very hard to me

Hi guys, day 8 sober after relapse. Since covid begins here in Spain it was very hard to me. Now war in Europe… I am very sad about the things I am seeing everyday. I am working on media and my heart breaks everyday. I am trying again, but honestly is Hard. I know I can’t fix the World, even I can fix me. But is sad, I am feelling very sad. Thanks to all of you. God bless u all


I’m sorry that you are in pain. You seem like a caring person who takes on the weight of the world on your shoulders.
Congratulations on your 8 days. Stay sober my friend. You are worth it.


I hear you. I’m sad about things too. I guess we have to figure out what we can change and what we have to accept. We have to find things that make us happy and keep us sober. Talking on here helps. Best wishes to you and all of us.


Glad you’re back here but I’m so sorry for your sadness♥️ I hope you can continue to check in and find some support here. What did you do last time to stay sober?


It is hard to let go of the things we cannot control. Perhaps if we can be the light we would like to see shine, that is enough. It’s all we can offer.

Stay strong and take care of yourself, brother. Trust the rest can take care of itself. :pray: