This mommas trying hard

So I have been sober for 98days now, but this path I’m taking has been rough. But worth it for my two kids. I have felt like I was gonna relapse when I had to turn my ex in for sex with a minor, but I stayed strong… it’s so hard some days tho, I hope it starts to get easier soon.


I’m glad you’re going strong through hard times!

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Remember that life will have hard times sober or drunk. Neither drinking not being sober can stop those bad times happening.

But sober, you can cope. You can plan. You can get things in perspective. You can look yourself in the mirror and be proud that this is one battle you won’t be beaten on.

Good luck. Stay strong.

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Stay strong!!! So proud of you!!!

@Hope_Latasha great job on the 98days 🖒 and I promise you it gets better the longer you go in your sobriety. Not saying you won’t have bad days but that is when you hit a meeting or get on here and vent. And think of all the memories you are going to make with your kids and be able to remember.

98 days is amazing!! 102 here so we’re almost sober twins!! It’s hard work but think of the alternative

Congrats @Hope_Latasha on your 98 days! Some days can be tough for sure but it is so worth it!! Keep going strong!