This time I reset

I figured if I continue to drink one drink occasionally…eventually it would become several drinks daily. So day one again.

I guess I’m okay with this since I’m still so much better than where I was the last few years but I do need to figure out how to make sure I don’t keep saying “well, it’s okay because it’s better than it used to be” because that is just giving myself permission to drink.

Ugh. This really is a lot harder than just deciding to not drink.


Good idea to catch yourself early. I was told that you need to watch out for roads to relapse. Ex: drinking once in a while to ease yourself back into using regularly. Regular drinking for us just isnt possible…The odds are not in our favor
Your doing great @VSue !


Well, I was hoping you could really do the one glass occasionally@VSue! My experience towards the end didn’t work that way. I could do one glass first day, then zero the second day, Then, well… a bottle at least after that. Good job being accountable here. :blue_heart:


Just curious - are you saying it did progress to a drink occasionally, or you were thinking it was heading in that direction?

It is harder, because it’s so much more final, agreed. Either way we are here for you! @VSue :slight_smile:

Sending you strength and love :rainbow:

@VSue, I’m in the same boat as you. I just can’t let myself believe that things will be better without self medicating the pain I’m going through…

@Elisabeth…I guess it is both. I had one drink 2 Saturdays ago, then on Sunday I had 2 drinks. I had chosen to reset because it was 2 drinks instead of one…I told myself that was worse. But then yesterday I had 2 more. For a normal person that still isn’t bad but I could see I was starting down a path back to a bottle of wine plus more every day so I hit reset AGAIN, and once again I’m starting over from scratch.

I don’t want to do this every month!! :disappointed:


Thanks for sharing, I needed to hear that. It’s like I slip into this mindset that maybe, just maybe I could drink casually again one day.

When you said you had one that day, it just got me thinking, ya know? I guess it would be easy to have one and then start escalating to several again over time. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @VSue, how are you holding up? Just was wondering. I relapsed recently also (explained in other thread) Coming up with some new strategies.

This is how I have failed in the past. Saying that I would be better and just have one drink or two for a bit…then before I know it I’m bindging every night. It’s just bad all around.

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Boy if that isn’t the story of my life. I finally just hit one week again and this time have been a silent spectator taking everything in advice stories, everything still continue counseling and doc is going to change up my meds too hoping for better focus once that is in motion. I believe I can be abnormal drinker all the time only to find that my one every once in a while soon explodes in my face :pensive: @VSue I’m rooting for you !!

…ment be a normal drinker auto correct put the correct word I should use to describe my drinking …

Its exhausting. It sounds like you abstain for longer and longer periods of time though!

Thanks for asking @JohnSee. I’m doing okay. I feel like I’m fighting urges more this time…like I’m REALLY back at day one, but I’m still almost down 2 days. A very busy day today helped.

How are you doing?

@VSue thanks for getting back, good to see you here. Thanks. Doing ok, but I kind of know what you mean it seems to take time before the urges go down again.