This time, it’s for real


Hey, so after 5 years, I have finally decided that I do not want to consume marijuana anymore. YES THE WHOLE WORLD IS LEGALISING MARIJUANA! However, after all the research I have done on the effects of thc on the human brain and after all the hell I put myself through, all the bad decisions I have made, all my loved ones I’ve gone on hurting without realising; all because IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME. It kept being all about me, what I went through, how nobody understood me, how everything had to revolve around what I thought, how I felt and what I did and how it affected me.
This thing has detrimentally affected my life, my education, my decisions, my relationships without my realising. Yeah maybe it is easy for me to just blame marijuana, and not myself but I feel different when I’m off it; not only that, I am told that I AM different when I’m sober. Don’t even get me started on my emotions and how rash I can be when I don’t get my afternoon Js or post gym seshs.
7 days sober, I have never felt better

I just want someone, anyone to tell me that I’m not crazy. That all of this makes sense. That it is not all in my head.


Hey your not crazy! You have made the conscious decision to change you life. Way to go! :grinning: and you’ve done it for a week which is brilliant!
So now you know what it feels like, keep that thought.
I stopped weed years ago because my wife asked me to. I had smoked for years, most of my adult life and had always thought it would be in my life. But hey, most days I don’t even think about it. ( though when I dropped booze a month ago one of my thoughts was if I could score some to replace booze. Didn’t go there.)
So keep going as you are. Believe in yourself!


Your not crazy the first step is admitting you have a problem. The next step is surrendering it over to something else that you are powerless over this drug and that you need to stay away from it. I believe you can do it. Believe in yourself and if you need to vent before picking up your next blunt just get on here and we’ll talk you through it!


You’ve noticed marijuana use causing problems in your life, that you don’t need it, and so you want to stop. Makes 100% perfect sense to me. :slight_smile:


I’d hate to say I’m glad someone understands what I’m going through but I am. I’m so happy for you that you’ve steered clear for so long! You are a true inspiration!

Trust me, it is not without the support of my siblings and the guy I’m dating that is getting me through this. Having moral support is so important! Thank you for taking the time to read & share your story with me!


THANK YOU SO MUCH! This truly means a lot to me :slight_smile: thank you for taking the time!


Hello @_justagiirlx, Around here, we have MA (Marijuana Anonymous) meetings. I know the fellas who started it here, they started in AA (my DOC). That might be a resource for you to check out if it’s available in your area.

You’re not crazy. None of us are quite right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but you are having the experience of discovering a whole sober tribe who get it. You were alone for so long, now you can be among us. Welcome!


That’s what this forum is all about sharing problems and hopefully gaining inspiration for you personal journey off other people’s experience.
I know it been a huge help for me over the last month. Stay strong and happy :blush:


You are not crazy, and it is not all in your head. I haven’t smoked pot since 1983, but during that time, I smoked all the time. An ounce a week on average. Soon as I woke up. On the way to school. In between classes. Before work. On my break. After work. Right before bedtime. I was addicted. I quit when I wanted something better. I wanted to be a US Marine. Smoking and being a Marine were incompatible, and I wanted to be something more than what I was: stoned.

When I hit 30, my marriage fell apart. I started drinking. I drank for 21 years. I tried to moderate during that time. Sometimes I was successful. Most of the time I wasn’t. I had short quits. Week here, month there, but always started back with one drink, and a failed moderation soon followed.

Pot is legal now in a lot of places. If they legalized it tomorrow, I still wouldn’t use it. Booze is legal everywhere, and I look where it got me. I know I’d walk a similar path with pot.

I have just over a year sober. I am never going back. Been there. Didn’t like where that path was taking me. I don’t even take OTC medicine. I decided to be better. Now I am better. I keep getting better at getting better each and every day. Better husband and father. Better friend. Better employee. Better martial arts student.

Decide to be better, and then be better. You can do this.


I relate to this so much! Truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing!


Your doing really good I can relate to how you feel your not crazy… Do what makes you feel the best and if that’s being smoke free than do it


Thanks for sharing this Yoda very good


You’re not crazy! Even if marajuana were legal everywhere so is alcohol in most places and look where that took a lot of us. It might be legal but it doesn’t mean it’s good especially for those of us who have learnt the hard way that we can’t moderate. You’ve made a conscious and great decision don’t let anyone sway your choice