Thoughts about my self harm journey

Everyday I have the urge to cut. I can feel the tingling feeling in my thighs and arms but I don’t. I don’t because I think about the people I look up to. I think about my friends and how sad they would feel. I think about my future lover and the happiness of them knowing I have a few less scars then I would have if I did. These thoughts are what keep me motivated to not give up on being clean. But there are days I forget about these thoughts and tell myself, “it’s only one or two cuts, it’s no big deal” and I spiral into this pit of depression and I’m afraid of slipping up and doing it when that happens because I dont feel like a strong enough person to tell myself “no!”.


You can always reach out here if you struggle. Do you see a therapist? It would be great to defeat these cravings because of yourself and not because of others, but I know it’s easier said than done. Let us know if we can help you anyhow (even by listening to you)!

Thank you, I will try this!

No, I dont see a therapist. I know I should but I’m in a position in my life where i really cant so :confused:

Better help is as cheap as 46$/week I think if you qualify.

But I just did some research and there is lots more!

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