Thoughts of relapsing

I have been sober for 11 days now and i’m having thoughts of having a drink today and I keep telling myself I can do it, just one drink won’t hurt. Everytime I’m sober for a while I get this notion that I can control myself and I can just have one drink since I’ve been sober for some days. Please give me some motivation to keep being sober


Do you want to sober or do you want more of the negative consequences that drinking had caused. Do you want your personal legacy defined by something as useless as alcohol?



May i suggest that you start reading everything you can on here.

One of the reoccuring stories you will read is how devastating just one drink can be for us.


Tell that voice to shit the f up! Many people before you tried the mideration route and didnt succeed. Check out the search tool. Keep busy with something else. Wishing you strength


Reference Youtube Joe and Charlie AA big book study and Ruth Potee Physiology of Addction for the reason we Alcoholics can’t ever have rhat first drink ….


It’s never 1 drink. And 1 is all it takes to lead you back to a place you have worked 11 solid days to leave. Don’t go back there. There is nothing in that place that brings you any satisfaction or happiness. Stay right where you are. Go for a walk, put on a loud song, anything to get that voice to stay quiet. No matter what, do not pick up that 1 drink. It’s a time traveling sorcery device! It takes you back to a time you no longer want to live in!!!


I think addiction can be really tricky, because your addict brain will use your sober time as exhibit 1 that you can now control your drinking. Like, See, you did it! Hooray! It fails to mention alllllllllllll the times previously that just one drink led to a pile of regret. At least for me, I try to remember that if I could have just one drink I wouldn’t be here.


Don’t drink. He will feel horrible if you do and you will feel incredible if you don’t. Here are a couple of things to remember. Number one, the cravings common cold but actually are very very short. However the real labs last very very long. I actually just dug through thousands of pictures in my phone to find this for you I hope I can copy and paste it.

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11 days ago you wish you had 11 days don’t throw it away on a whim. Please check in throughout the day you can do it! And tomorrow morning will be glorious


Whenever I think I can drink like a gentleman.


Chapter 3.

The insanity of thinking I can have just one.
Never happened!!
Why would I be able to do it now?


This is so common. I can’t count the times I fell into the “just one” trap.

Continue the thought: “Every time I’m sober for a few days, I get the notion I can control myself, and every time I drink, I find out that I can’t control myself. So I’m not gonna fall for it this time. This time I’m gonna see what happens if I don’t drink, since I already know what’s gonna happen if I do drink.”


wow, that was super helpful. Thank you so much. I definitely will replay that statement in my head on days such as these


Holidays are tough. We should start a thread tomorrow called, I was sober for Thanksgiving, let’s have a show of hands. We can break the Internet lol


Write yourself a list of reasons why you stopped and how life is better 11 days in, that will work!


lol legit!!!

I don’t see it as “just one” I see it as playing with fire and potentially throwing my life away… That “just one” is the start of something bad, a slippery slope and next thing you’ve lost another how many years of your life to the drink?


I’m with you, I don’t even kid myself think I could have just one. I have one come on it will end up a bakers dozen