Thoughts on Addiction

Currently reading Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. Here are some thoughts on addiction that he shares that resonate with me - and may with others too :blush:

“You cannot begin the work of releasing an addiction until you can acknowledge that you are addicted.” - Do you drink/smoke/use your DOC even when you’ve said you want to stop/quit or when you know it’s causing you pain, sickness or suffering? Reasons for Addiction are different for everyone but the pattern of not being able to stop or have self-control are much the same. “Until you realise and admit that you have an addiction, it is not possible to diminish its power”.

“The personality rationalizes it’s addictions, it dresses them in attractive clothing.” “Recognition of your own addiction requires inner work. It requires that you look clearly at the places where you lose power in your life, where you are controlled by external circumstances.”

“Acknowledging an addiction, accepting that you have an addiction, is acknowledgment that a part of you is out of control. Once an addiction has been acknowledged, it cannot be ignored, and it cannot be released without changing your life, without changing your self-image, without changing your entire perceptual and conceptual framework and how you choose to live in this world.”

“it is our nature to resist change, therefore, we resist acknowledging our addictions.” but with change comes growth, learning and empowerment! Learn to embrace positive changes. Listen to your intuition and tap into your courage and strength within to move forward, to be brave, and change your path. Choose the path to recovery. Accept, surrender and release.


It’s all so true. I like this especially.
Thanks for sharing what you’re reading!


"Healing an addiction is one of the greatest spiritual accomplishments.

Spiritual growth is the creation of authentic power; becoming the authority in your own life and able to make the most constructive choices at each moment."

In other words, your addiction shows you exactly what you must acknowledge, experience, and heal, with your own choices, in order to create a life of meaning and joy instead of a life of continual and desperate need.

Forgive yourself and choose to change your path, for you MATTER! :blush:

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I love this last section the most! Thanks!

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Reading the Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, and a lot came through that was helpful in regards to my relationship with addiction/self-worth. It was very helpful to me to read, so I thought I would share what I took away here in the hope that it may help you too :blush::heart:

…Sometimes our self-judgement is so strong that we need to numb ourselves just to be with ourselves. If you don’t like a person you can walk away from that person. If you don’t like a group of people you can walk away from those people. But if you don’t like yourself, it doesn’t matter where you go, you are right there.
To avoid being with yourself, you need to talk something to numb you, to take your mind away from yourself. Perhaps some alcohol is going to help. Perhaps some drugs will help. Perhaps eating - just eat, eat, eat. The self-abuse can get much worse. There are people who really feel self-hatred. They are self-destructive, killing themselves, little by little.
What do we do if we don’t like ourselves? We try to get numb with alcohol to forget our suffering. That’s the excuse we use.

But, what happens when you change? For whatever reason you no longer need the alcohol. It’s okay now to be with yourself, and you really enjoy it. You no longer drink, but you have the same friends, and everyone’s drinking. They get numb, and they start getting ‘happier’ but you can clearly see that their happiness is not real. What they call happiness is a rebellion against their own emotional pain. In that ‘happiness’ they are so hurt that they have fun hurting other people and hurting themselves.

You no longer fit in, and of course they resent you because you are no longer like them. Now you have to make a choice: you can step back, or you can go to another level of frequency and meet people who finally accept themselves like you do. You find there is another realm of reality, a new way of relationship, and you no longer accept abuse (either by self or by others).


Thank you for sharing that… My brother is still deeply addicted and can’t or won’t admit that he has a problem… I think I’ll check this book out, maybe it will help. :smirk:


Sorry to hear about your brother @Ahn-Uv, addiction is difficult and life-shattering, not just for the addict but for their families and friends too :pensive: lots of loving kindness, some common sense and boundaries where needed is what I suggest. And, remember the serenity prayer -

Lord, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference :pray::heart:

Wish you well K x


Wonderful thread and post, thank you for sharing.

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Thank you :purple_heart: I appreciate the advice, as well as the kind words

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