Thoughts on new sobriety

How do you know if you need help getting sober or if you can do it on your own so you don’t die?


Welcome to the forum.

Your question is missing a lot of vital information in order to get the best answer. I would suggest doing some research online concerning whatever it is you are using and how much. You will also get ideas of how to clean yourself up. If through your research you suspect that you may need assistance based on your DoC, usage level, and person ability to withstand misery, then seeing a health care provider would be a good choice. If you have the means and are willing, rehab is always an option.

Best of luck to you.


If your drinking is at the point where it’s going to kill you then you need help. If you could do it on your own you already would have.


I think, everyone on here needed or needs help. What thay looks like is different for everyone. Some people, their help is just this forum…some its AA, some its rehab…some its a cimbination.