Thoughts on Rehab?

I don’t know if I’m looking for an excuse… probably am. However, my fears are real. These are my thoughts this morning, waking up after telling myself I can’t do this alone and need to go to rehab.

  1. Is it really that bad? You can do this, just go to AA.
  2. You’re being extreme
  3. What will your boyfriend say?
  4. How will your bills get paid (I will get state disability insurance), but my income will be lower and the money will be delayed past my bill due dates.
  5. This is going to put too much responsibility on to your kids. How will they manage the house and bills if I go today. (They are 19 & 17)
  6. What will your job think?
  7. Maybe don’t go today, wait until the first when you get paid, pay all your bills and set the house up first. I get paid Friday…I can wait until then, right?
  8. Kinda goes with 6…feel like I should handle things at work, get my desk together, and properly request the time off.
  9. Because I drank yesterday they won’t accept me unless I’ve been sober for 5 days, or I’ll have to go to their medical detox program…which scares me.

I can go on, I guess I’m reaching out because I need to go. AA at this raw state probably won’t work for me, I’ll find too many reasons not to go. Or maybe I won’t, and be successful with just A.A. I feel crazy right now

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@Englishd you may have the best advice for this

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You can go on finding excuses like those for the rest of your days…if one wont work…you’ll think of another…you’ll never ever run out of excuses I promise.
Doing it now or doing it later…why do you think you need a rehab? has your situation improved lately without help? is it going to improve without help? Will 17/19 year old be ok during your rehab…absolutely they will…will they be ok with their mother being intoxicated…I don’t think so…If the boyfriend won’t like the idea…it’s probably better to change the boyfriend. will money be an issue…sure it will…will it be an issue if you don’t go and keep drinking…even more so…etc…no more excuses, it’s time to face the music :slight_smile: you can do this


I needed that! Thank you so much… . because my excuses were winning. Just wait until next week, you can settle work, pay all the bills, set the kids up, not lose any money. But the truth is…if I don’t jump now, it won’t happen.

  1. You gotta decide how bad it is. Have you gone to AA or are you just using the possibility of going to avoid rehab. Personally I love AA but it only works if you work it.
  2. Being extreme is good. For me recovery is life or death. If I go back out I will die.
  3. What does he think now? What will he think when your problem gets worse. Pro tip: it always gets worse.
  4. Go out on short term disability. Substance use disorder is a disease and it gets treated like any other disease.
  5. 17 and 19 are plenty old enough to survive 30 days. If not it’s a great time to learn.
  6. They don’t have to know. HIPAA protects your medical records.
  7. There’s never a “perfect” time to go to rehab. There’s either ready or not ready.
  8. This may sound dramatic but trust me, it will happen. Keep drinking and you won’t have to worry about this.
  9. Your insurance won’t pay for detox unless it’s medically necessary. I’ve been to a couple rehabs and have volunteered at many more and have never heard of the 5 day thing. Also most rehabs have on-site detox.

Going into rehab will be the best thing for you and for your kids- it will put more responsibility on them in the long run if you don’t go. Money and bills will always be there, but you can take today to try to sort out and organize what you can. My rehab was the same had to be sober for 3-5 days. However I know for a fact that many came in high or their blood alcohol level was low enough to get in the next day/that day. So if you don’t drink today you should be fine. They test your blood when you first come in too. It’s mainly they don’t have enough nurses or staff to tend to detox and recovery patients at the same time. Rehab was the best experience of my life I highly recommend it!

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Thank you :hugs:

Thank you!

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Rehab helped me a ton bc I could just not put down the drink and the drug. It sounds like you have the willingness to learn when you get there which is awesome. Getting through the door is hard though


3 times lol

Agreed. By the time I made it to my first rehab I had been trying to stop for 4 months and never made it more than 12-16 hours. I couldn’t do the detox and withdrawal on my own.

Like what?

I typically go a day or two before I drink again

Curious, why should rehab be a last resort? If you know you have a problem why not give yourself the best chance and go? If you had cancer wouldn’t you want the most aggressive treatment possible?

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Thank you all for your responses. I’ve decided to go, I check in tomorrow at 11. I definitely feel like I need this because when I drink…I damn near drink to death and the withdraw is horrible for me. Damn near scary, heart palpitations, can’t sleep, hot and cold flashes, shaking and so on. Usually sets in around 5 hours after my last drink. It’s like cancer for me, if I don’t stop, I’ll die. I definitely feel like I’m being dramatic and should be able to handle this on my own…but I have failed too many times.


I am way proud of you…I guarantee that you will not come back as the same person…you’ll come back with so much knowledge that your life will be different. You’ve just shown so much determination that I truly believe in you. the willingness to accept help is a major part in recovery…and you got it. Way to go.


You don’t see alcoholism as a progressive disease that leads to death?

lack of will power?..what is it in your mind?

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I know, I was shocked too.

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No the cure for this is not AA or program or rehab…the cure for this is not to take the first drink…the program is there to make it easier not to take that first drink and to become a better human while time passes…