Three days without twitter

Today is the third day without twitter. I deleted tiktok and twitch. But for me sleep is very difficult. I go to sleep late in night . I want to go to sleep earlier.


I used to have problems getting to sleep at a decent time on Sunday nights. During the week, I’m going none stop so I never had a problem but weekends, I would stay up late and after 2 nights of doing that, I’m totally off schedule. A lot of exercise outside during the day resolved that problem. There’s nothing like a full day of fresh air to knock you out.


I agree with Lisa about more fresh air and exercise. Another idea to try is that you may need to establish a new bedtime routine. I used to drink alcohol to put me down and you used to scroll the internet but now we must establish a new way of shutting down. Something that signals to your brain it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep. I get into my pajamas, have a relaxing cup of tea, watch a relaxing TV show (nothing too deep or dark), at my appointed bedtime (9PM for me) I take some melatonin, I brush my teeth, take care of my dog, turn on my electric blanket and vaporizer that diffuses lavender essential oils and then I pray. I do the same thing in the same order every night to establish a brain response that it’s time to sleep.


Thats so nice to hear your doing well and pushing through :+1:


What helped for me when it comes to sleep is bodyscans… And mathematics homework.
But congratulations on the 3, hopefully now 4 days. That’s massive :smiley: