Three weeks sober & counting

Today marks 21 days for me. It’s been relatively easy for me with the exception of 2 or 3 days early on. They were craving days. The biggest issue I had was sleeping. I wasn’t getting much. But the last four days were wonderful. Slept like a baby over the night time hours and actually recalled dreams too.

The only issue I still have is mood swings with a little depression. Yesterday I was in a good mood and though to myself, let’s make some music. Then immediately it became a chore in my mind. I had to drag the keyboard out, plug it in, bla, bla bla. So I scratched it.

Although I’m still on a rollercoaster, it’s not as big as before. There are so many positives that are coming to light. As I type this I think, why did I waste so much time being drunk? I’ll never get those days back but being sober shows that there is an amazing future!:+1:t4:


You guys keep us updated on your journey wish you well

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