Time for a change. New beginning

Been drinking for 5 years. Mostly binge drinking… military life has been rough on me fror the past 9 years. Tried getting sober last year and failed. Made it 100 days. But I relapsed and I’m on day 2. Enrolled in the military substance abuse program and I want to stay sober. I have a beautiful 3 month old daughter and an amazing wife. I know I can’t do this alone.


if there help take it wish you well

I am 56 have been drinking since I was about 20. I never really crossed the limit but you can’t call me social drinker as i mostly drink alone. This is due to pressure from family members who don’t like me sitting and enjoying with few friends i have. I am convinced that i am not a drunkard. Sometimes I drink due to the anger i have for people who try to stop me from having a drink … I think I would drink much less if i am not nagged about this.

Welcome Adam :blue_heart:

Hi there! I’m so glad you are getting some support. Getting sober is much better when you can lean in on support and community. This forum is a great tool to have in your toolkit. Congrats on the baby as well. You are making a great decision for yourself and your family!

Hi! Welcome. Sounds like you are on a very good path. 100 days is AMAZING for your first try. You are doing the right thing by reaching out here and by joining the military substance abuse program.
Glad that you are here.

Dysgruntled vet here! Welcome! Glad you are using the program. Add in something like AA, it will serve you well.

Welcome!! 100 days is something to be proud of and I am glad you are back working on your sobriety. I hope you find some positive support and community here.

These fine people here on TS have helped me and AA has & will continue to also, as long as I’m willing.
As a vet & retiree, the VA paid for detox & the first month in rehab. I am grateful for them but my first trip through the outpatient SATP I wasn’t ready. Not their fault, all mine.
As you saw with your previous 100 days, it’s an entire way of life change, if you want it to stick, we gotta do the work–daily.
If we apply just half the energy to staying sober as we once expended to keep drinking… we will make it!
Hugs Adam & see you around.

Welcome, you’ve found a great place full of wonderful people. I wish you well on your sober journey :yellow_heart: