Time to stop

Just had a relapse back in march and now trying to stop again this month,had medication that was too much for me and I had a panic attack along with anger and bad thoughts , I know I need to stop now I don’t want anything bad to happen,

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Hello there @Donesippin18
It looks like you might have gotten several months under your belt prior to this.
Glad you’re back. Do some more reading around, make a habit of checking in here daily.

I’m glad you’re back and alive. I hope you are able to get the support you need here as well as offline.

I’m wondering, what are your values? It’s proven that it is easier to stay sober when we act according to our values. These can even be little things at first. It’s important to note what it looks like when we are acting against our values and what leads to bad thoughts, etc. This is known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Example: I value my mental health. Things that take me away from this value are anxiety, depression, panic, and negative self talk. When I feel these things I drink, gamble, and fight. Things you would see me doing to act this value are seeing a therapist, exercising, taking meds as prescribed, etc.

Hope that was at least slightly helpful and that you start feeling better soon :monkey: Stay strong.


thanks ,its just hard when youre lonely and don’t have a good support system

I use this as my support system. So far, it has proven to be a true sanity saver! A life saver even.

ok yeah I need something ,anything I don’t want to lose control anymore I have too many things I want to accomplish

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Be here often, it helps!
There is a lot to read here, so do so. Learn about your addiction and how to beat it.
I check in sober every day, you are welcome to join on the daily check in tread :+1: