Tipping point

I haven’t relapsed yet, but holy smokes is it hitting me like a brick today. I take an annual golf trip in the spring with a pretty solid group of guys. Heavy drinking was involved last year and if you happen to enjoy golf, you know how beer and golf go hand in hand. Anyways, the group made a FB page with past photos and videos of the trips and I can’t help but feel overly nostalgic when thinking about those trips. I’m 128 days sober, but wow are those fun trips! No worries in the world and acting like a complete drinking idiot is allowable for 4 days…

Just the thought of this year’s trip makes me want to start drinking again. It’s such a mind tease this alcoholism! I’m hoping I’m able to put the negative impact of doing it all over again in my mind first and how disappointing it would be. Especially for making it this far…


It would be disappointing Ryang your decision stay sober or go and maybe drink? Golf or life best wishes be safe

Gotta say, from the way I read your post sounds like you will drink if you go and you already know it… It’s going to be really sad to miss out on what sounds like a fabulous event but it is really worth picking over your sobriety of which you are doing amazing at! I finally hit 30 days in a few hours, didn’t think I would make it here let alone get to where you are my friend :yellow_heart:

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